Ladies of MCU Power Rankings - Your Input Welcome

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A friend and I had a good discussion about this but to get a clearer idea of who’s hot and who’s not, we need more data!

So help me out with umm...research...and rank the ladies of the MCU in order of hotness:

Betty Ross
Black Widow
Bobbi Morse
Claire Temple
Darcy Lewis
Dr Cho
Gemma Simmons
Jane Foster
Karen Page
Lady Sif
Maria Hill
Melinda May
Peggy Carter
Pepper Potts
Scarlet Witch
Sharon Carter
Skye aka Daisy Johnson

The very vague criteria is “hotness.” you can provide a short reason or not. The important thing is to rank them from 1-18.

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formerly jay patt
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Should have taken way more time making this thread.

Do you really expect everyone to sit here and google every single person on that list?

Need to provide pics.

Also, likely to also not help you cause it looks like you came here specifically to ask this question.

Get active, get helped.
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That's the best Skye has looked to me. Her boobs looked so plump and bouncy.

Hard to rank them. I love so many of them.
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