Laker XIII's = July 2019

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Lapstone & Hammer and City Blue are the same, and Lapstone has had 'em for as cheap as $133.
I know but I prefer to spend it at Cityblue.. lapstone charges for the shipping... must be why Cityblue doesn’t put stuff on sale any more because lapstone gets the sales and you end up paying shipping
Joined Dec 19, 2014
I’m still patiently waiting for Cityblue to put these on sale so I can get em no tax/free shipping at a low price.....and it’s been a helluva long wait lmao


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Was at WSS today off La Cienega near the 10 and they had them for 149.99... hopefully this means they start popping up at outlets and on clearance soon
I'm not mad at wanting them at a lower price because I didn't pay 150 but its hilarious to see these getting passed on at 150 which was retail in 97.
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Joined Dec 19, 2014
All these deals and my size (8) is gone everywhere except the one place that refuses to discount these

even when the other sales hit, my size was already gone lol
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How's FNL still showing the Olives at retail lol

I got these at $120ish out the door....that's good enough
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