Jan 21, 2003
i posted this in general, got some help, but not all that i wanted....

aite so im bout to be there 2nd week of july...and it would be the first time going there since turning 21. ive been there many times before and have done everything there is to do there except hit up the clubs. i know there is tao, and pure, and what i wanna know is if anyone got the hooks to these places or places like this? i already know that youre more likely to get hooked up if you roll deep and roll deep with ladies...but im just using niketalk as a way to see if anyone here got the hookup without all that jazz. im probably rollin only 4 deep with my boys. anyone with that straight-to-the-front of the line hookup or vip hookup or anything of the like would be ill. let me know, NT. of course aint nothing free....ill give whoever can help a generous tip and or buy you a drink or two or more! hahaha!

also, any suggestions on cool, cheap hotels that are ON the strip? venetian, bellagio, and timeshares are the only places ive ever stayed at, and those arent really in the budget. so what are some decent, not too fancy, but comfortable hotels to stay at without breaking too much bread?

thanks in advance!

how much does bottle service usually run? anyone got the hooks on those?
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I reside in h-town but frequent Vegas often. Heres some advice.

Try and see which hotels offer the best rates for your stay. Then go to the hotels websites directly for an even better rate.

I mostly stay at NYNY because it usually has the most bang for its buck. See if they offer any special online promotions during your stay. On my most recent stay I got 2 free drinks at the bar, a buy one get one free breakfast and lunch, and a FREE room upgrade upon check in.

If your just looking for a cheap place to crash and dont mind a room that reeks of cigarette smoke (yes, even the non-smoking) and dingle berry comforters on your bed in order for you to save a few bucks, check out Imperial Palace, Tropicana, and Hooters. Unfortunately you will probably never get any chics to spend any time in these rooms, but if you do, they probably arent the ones that youd brag to your homies about or you had to pay them after they finish 'dancing'. Im sure you can even find cheaper places, but they are probably not located in such a hot spot on the strip.

As far as clubs go, the drink prices are ridiculous. I highly suggest hitting up a liquor store and setting up shop in your room before you go out to save MAJOR cash. I remember a single drink costing me $12-18 at Pure, and that is just unthinkable where Im from although I know a couple of spots where this is common. Ive been with a party that got bottle service before, and I dont think I would ever suggest doing that again unless you have the kind of money that never runs out. Its highly over rated unless you just must have that first class treatment for a special night, but you could probably buy a used car for what your going to spend.

Last time we went to Tao. We ate there w some breezys and after dinner they gave everyone a hand stamp. Not to get in the club, but so we wouldnt have to go outside to wait in the line before we PAID to get in the club. And all this after we dropped MAJOR loot in their restaraunt for a bday bash. Nevertheless we paid to get in, and that place was so packed you could barely move much less try to bump and grind with some honeys. I would fully suggest just sticking it out in the lounge, you would probably have a much better time and can easily pick up drunk broads when they stumble out of the club.

Ive been to Pure at Ceasars and had a much better time. We dropped MAJOR bank here and were treated pretty well. DJ AM (OG NTer) was there and we got to actually dance to his tunes w our girls. I would recommend this club over Tao, but if you dont have hook ups I suggest getting there mad early because the line is long as crap. Of course you can always find places on line where you can pay a premium to get VIP status.

If your looking for a boys night out Ive heard Scores or Spearamint Rhino are highly recommended :wink:

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I actually really dislike Tao. Hit up Pure if you can, or Body English is pretty cool too.
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