Lebron II SAMPLE. White/Navy/Crimson PICS

Jul 18, 2005
I picked these up the other day when i found some guy selling his whole collection in some asian street fest. Thought it was pretty cool. paid the guy 70 US .



nice pickup man, i like the ones that were released better for some reason


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ahh glad they didnt realease those, white/navy is my favorite colorway on shoes but i hate how they always ruin them with crimson 0]

not sure but those might be fakes, i seen a few pairs of those on Ebay and im sure some other NTers would have posted those. Nice pick up tho.....if real.

edit: i didnt read the sample part.......my bad
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Very good pickup for collecting purposes...

hold on to those for about 20 years and watch how much they'll be worth then. :wow:

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i think these look better than the white / navy ones that came out..
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hey yearbook camp,

Bring those over to my house before school starts again, so I can get some good shots of them.

These should've been released instead of the other one. >:

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yah people were playing a night tourny there

how much u think they worth? shrugs
just wondering
the tourny @ metro right? i woulda bought them if i went.. it's a good pic up.. no one will have the same shoes as you

no idea how much they are.. but niketown.com had them for $125
Super Dope Pick up. Great Find and the Price.... :frown:

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those look ok but i think the release version was better
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