LEBRON IV: Users, check in! I need an opinion.

Feb 28, 2006
What's good NT..

I'm in need of a new ball shoe to use. Mods, forgive me for I couldn't find the review post. If so, please lead me to it.. lol.

So yeah, I'm thinking about scooping up a pair. I have an 8 for collector's sake and there's a possibility of picking up another pair to ball in, but in 8.5. I will use either, but just looking for tips before I break em out.

I'm a short guard, about 5'7 and I try to use speed as best to my advantage.

And so:
I know the shoe is already heavy, does it bother anyone?
Can the shoe be even suggested for PGs of my stature?
Does the shoe run true to size or are things still a little tight after a few runs?

Basically, tell me what you think about the IVs after use?

Peace and Thanks.
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A lot of people on this board are going to tell you that the weight of the shoe doesn't matter, but it does. If you use speed, these will slow you down over the long run. The weight isn't bothersome, but after a long session of hoops, you can definitely tell the difference. I don't think they'd be a problem, but theres tons of better shoes out there for a Speed PG that would fit you better.
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A lot of people on this board are going to tell you that the weight of the shoe doesn't matter, but it does.
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i experienced it 2 days ago but not in basketball court, at my work (freight crew) which is a lot of moving and walking. it happened that i locked my keys and my working shoe airmax 180 inside my car trunk at my cousins house. now i need to go to work with my navy lebron IV after.. 2 hrs i feel like i dont wanna walk anymore. its getting heavier every min. but the full Zoom air is unbelievable!!

try to look for lighter shoe.
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Weight really doesn't bother me at all. I really can't tell difference between huaraches and lebrons when they're on my feet. And they are soooo comfortable. When I put my lebrons on, it sucks up my foot like a rubber. They have good ankle support but they don't have good traction. If you get the one with gum soles, it has better grip. But overall shoe is great. I have navy/white, black/red, first colorway, remixes and all black ones. I use all of them for basketball and I really think you should buy one if you play basketball.
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Yea after a while you sort of get over how comfy they are and the heaviness sets in. Thats the way it was for me and i loved the comfort but after playing ball for an extended amount of time it slowed me down some.
have stocked up on the blk/red since they are 59.99 and I probably won't play in any other shoe untill all of my bron 4's are done.
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Skip2MyLou23, you missed it, it was on NDC Clearance for 59.99, scooped up a 10.5 with the quickness. They all gone now though. Not too heavy, but I would suggest something like the Zoom BB for a guard...
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That's cool. I scooped them up with the F&F anyway. You're my size too!
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I used them to play ball in and i didnt like them the were uncomfortable and heavy so i dont recomend them. but i did like the ankle support so it might be a plus for you if you get them, and they did kinda get tight.
Personally, i think you should get those zoom soldiers. Lighter and a better performance shoe...imo
these are nice shoes but i'd try the zoom BB they are better suited for guard play but get .5 size up
A lot of people on this board are going to tell you that the weight of the shoe doesn't matter, but it does
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Indeed, like i said in another thread if you don't use the ZLIV as an everyday shoe you'll never get used to the weight difference. Every time i put them on it feels just like the first time.

thats true. i play in the zk1 and every once in a while i figure ill switch up to the zl4 since they just collect dust in my closet. compared to the zk1, the lebrons are much heavier and very much more restricting. when i played in them the 2 times i did i felt like they restricted alot of my quick direction changes.

imo the zl4's are almost stable to a fault. im sure the weight doesnt help with hindering direction changes too.
dont get the shoes if you are a light active guard. you wont notice the weight at first but as you play your legs get tired from the weight of the shoe.

get the zoom bb if you're looking for a new shoe to ball in. perfect for guards :pimp:

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I got it for the sake of it's looks, the fact that it's the Lebron IV, and it's a foamposite shoe.

After wearing it once or twice, I know it's not for me on the court. The weight isn't that big of a deal, although it is noticeable. It's more of the size of the actual shoe, and how it feels in transition. Put plainly, I don't like how it feels when I sprint all out in it. I do love that zoom air insole though, I plan on using that thing in lots of other shoes to make them more cushy.
I, like yourself, also did my research and read those reviews and other threads you mentioned about the LBJ IV, concerning the weight and feel of the shoe. But I think I was so into them and foamposite in gnrl, that I decided to get not one but two pairs (blk/crimson and blk/charcoal) Boy, did I regret it! Was I wrong?? YES INDEED!! So bear with me...

One misleading fact is that these shoes are absolutely one of the most comfortable ones I have ever tried on! OFF THE COURT that is!!! I think it is, as someone already mentioned, due to the thick insole, along with the zoom throughout the entire shoe and the seamless inner bootie. SO, if your to chill in them, or perhaps, if you're more of a post-up type of player, they may work for you... but I doubt it due to your description...I'd say pass!

Although some dudes outhere may want to state that if their weight is a concern to you, then "you have no lower body strength," truth is, they are sadly mistaken! Im 6 foot even and about 190 lbs. I personally rely on quick first steps/change of direction/jab steps to penetrate and/or clear space for the jumper... SO obviously, their weight was a problem in that area! I felt not one, but two steps slower!!! I also dabble a little bit in the paint more to rebound and defend than to post, but since I rely on quick hops (I wish they were more like "higher hops") they werent doing it for me. In addition, they were uncomfortable when defending the perimeter. As my coach used to say, you have to shuffle your feet to "play defense with your feet and not with your hands" right?? and I just didnt feel like myself in them...

Also, due to the heavy cushioning, the shoes are not low to the ground so I felt clunky, like I was even a bit unstable... so I'd personally say "dont cop," but to each's own...

As someone had stated on that old review thread, the weight issue becomes more obvious after hooping... My shins/forefeet were often sore but I truly liked the shoes so much that I stubbornly kept on hooping, thinking that the "unease" on my lower legs go away after more wears... Unfortunately, it never did. Even after two-three months of hooping at least twice a week in league games... Fortunately for my own "pockets", I had only worn one pair, but funny enough, both sold on the buy/sell forum for quite a bit, so I'm glad I didnt have to bit the bullet...

To conclude, I suggest you get a pair of any og xiii's or xii's due to their court feel and durability. In fact, consider even the retros, since both the xiii and xii are by far my favorite kicks for hoopin!!

Hope this assists you into making a decision, even more than those other reviews I read did for me!

BTW, they fit exatly a full size smaller than any other kicks Ive got. (I ussually wear sz 12's and I got a more comfortable size 11 on these)
AGH I hate my pair.
im a 5' 10'' guard and it really hampers my speed and reaction time.
It got to a point where i couldnt stand it anymore and just got some kobe ultimates.
I wanna try the new Zoom BB that nash/parker use. sounds like my kind of shoe.

If you dont listen, get a 8.5, you definitely need a 1/2+.
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The Lebron IVs are definitely not my favorite shoes to ball in. I'm about 5-9 and the weight may not be an issue for about 2 hours, but if I wear it any longer, my legs really start to take a beating. I don't know if it's just me, but from the get-go they have a really awkward feel with the od'd cushioning as well.
I don't know why but I really like them. I feel like I actually play better with them but that's because I was playing with the Shox Status before.
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