LeBron most hated...

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10 Most Hated Players in the NBA
By Austin Burton

If only Radio Raheem was around to see this. Back in ‘89, Do The Right Thing, Radio elaborated the concept of love versus hate with the assistance of five-finger rings and a big-+#+ radio.

He was talking about true hatred, the hate that begets stress and the type of violence that would eventually cost him his life. But today, the word “hate


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lol at all of them being good to great players and then there's Nate Robinson
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pretty accurate... derek fisher and sasha should be somewhere in there other than that.. not bad. 
LBJ is no.1 hated by far now. and TMAC is more hated than VC that's for sure. 
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Garnett should be #2 behind Lebron.

NO way Manu should be #3. Not even top 10 imo.

Deshawn Stevenson and Anderson Varejao are missing from this list.
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garnett isn't #1 the list so it's void

60% of the hate on lebron is all the media. the slurping is annoying as hell. hubie brown gets a hard on announcing his games. other 30 % is the dumb stuff that comes out of his mouth and the dancing foolishness/ fake photo taking. dunk contest, new york comments/shoes. not shaking hands whatever. 10% is the way the league bails him out and treats him like jesus.

i can understand why people don't like him.
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I'm pretty sure Cleveland fans don't really give a @@%% about Boozer anymore.
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kobe should be #1 on that list and its not even close

he is equally the most hated and loved at the same time

why would booze be in that list? unless this was written by a cleveland writer

im not you

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Kobe is BY far still the most hated.

You got people out here saying the !@%$ about him when he was 17...today as a 30 year old man.
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            Lebron is the most hated on because he is being deemed the king when he doesn’t even have a ring.  Kobe haters have fallen back a bit because they have nothing to pick at because he proved that he can win a ring without Shaq. Until bron wins a ring he will always be the most criticized.
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kobe was the most hated when he tried to rape that girl. welcome to 10years ago.

but ever since then, he gained some respect. hes never been the most hated. espeically from China where media really doesn't exist. which shows why china people don't know Kobe's personality...

nowadays, only reason kobe gets hate is because of his personality...other than that, he's fine.(aka he's not cocky anymore...he doesn't run his mouth like he used to..etc) 

and no, hes not equally most hated and loved. that's what you wish, but it isn't true. but he's close to being 2nd most hated and 2nd most loved (see all-star voting)

on the other hand, people straight up hate Lebron because how media treats him.

and seems like lbj gets away with anything.

i can understand why though.
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Originally Posted by outacontrol music

3. Manu Ginobili — Hated by opponents and fans for his flopping and general knack for being a thorn in one’s side. Loved by teammates. If you want to know why soccer still isn’t catching on in mainstream America, it’s because every soccer player acts like Manu.


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Good list, Bron definitely the most hated by far. When he's on the top of the mountain like he is, the haters always have their eyes on him.
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i still think more people dislike Kobe over bron. Back to back finals. won last year. hes the one on top. Lebron is still the young kid that is trying to get there.
really people hate the people on top. Unless your KG when your a douche regardless.
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