Legit check Jordan 6 champagne please help! Thanks!

Joined Jan 11, 2015
Bought these on ebay last night thought for sure they were legit. I have one legit pair and they matched up perfectly, but I was going thru here looking at some old LCs and saw these exact shoes on there user said they were not legit bc the ring had round stones, but the ones in these pics are square. So now I'm kind of wiggin bc idk what to think. Seller guaranteed they were authentic on his listing and on the invoice. What do you guys think about these?View media item 1446302View media item 1446303View media item 1446304View media item 1446305View media item 1446306View media item 1446307View media item 1446308View media item 1446309View media item 1446310View media item 1446311View media item 1446312
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