Legit check on obviously fake spacejams for proof to a 'special' ebay seller

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Edit2: Hmm looks like a mod accidentally deleted my topic :tongue: So I shall reconstruct it. I'm trying to look out for the whole ebay community, so please don't delete this thread.

He is now trying to sell more fakes to people who don't know better, please help get him to straighten up his act!

Item link:

Hey guys, this seller on ebay is trying to profit off selling this fake shoe and I hate when people sell fakes on ebay so I feel I need to post this to convince the seller.
Basically I pm'd him a list of why his shoe is fake on this 'space jam' he is trying to sell and today he gave me this reply

Ebay seller's response to my email:
The 3rd lacehole does line up with jumpman on the front the 23 only looks squished in the picture and who says these came out in December, the retro card is from NOV 95' .  These shoes were not only released in 2001 for the Space jam movie.  These were originally released in 95-96 seasons during the first Championship runs.  Don't tell me they are not because I have several pairs personally from that time.  You need a different hobby pal, have a nice life.
^ I like the part where he makes stuff up and says that the tag lines up with the 3rd lacehole
ALSO who found it hilarious where he says it's not the retro but his fake box says Air Jordan XI Retro??

Initial response to my ebay messages was:
Thanks for giving me that list. Seriously I picked up a few pairs and I really had no idea how to tell if they were real or not. I was told they were and under that impression, they sure look real to me, I didn't know they never came out with that color. I'll have to look into it more and possibly change the auction description. Thanks
- brooke2949

Sellers like him make me sick
, please help me tell him what is wrong with that terrible fake, put him on blast. Thanks fam

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Well for the most part, that c/w does not exist seller! Never did it come out.
The box is labeled wrong even if it did. The font on the boxtag is incorrect.
The tabs obviously do not line up with the 3rd lacehole.
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^Yep I told him, and he 'politely' told my list as wrong with his far superior knowledge on spacejams
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LMFAO, What are they Oreo Space jams?
These are fake, Why dont you just tell him again, and give him a warning that he can be banned for something something like this
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the colors on the shoe are wrong
bottoms should be clear and not black and the white treads should be blue as should be the jumpman logo at the ankles just to point out the obvious
shape is wrong and that plastic checker board is supposed to be made of carbon fiber

send him a link to this thread and let him know he's the one who needs a new hobby
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wow i actually just saw somebody wearing these a week ago and just smh. Also if you look at his other auctions, the rest of his XI's are fake (concords and 09 spacejams). I like how he includes the jordan dust bag with the 09 sj's, horrible.
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I cant believe someone is going to pay 177 for those shoes, if only there was a way to send a message to the buyer, id let em know theyre fake,
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Ebay should put a messageboard up under there High risk auctions. So we can say there are fake and eveyone can see it.
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haha what a scam that seller is running.

it just sucks for whoever paid $177 for fake "space jams". gonna be brutal for the buyer when they show these off to their friends
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You can send people messages.You have to click on their profile and it has a link to leave them a message on their message board.I have done it alot lately because I was the victim of fakes before I started collecting and checking NT on how to spot the fakes.Thats why I stick to the websites that are listed on NT.Yeah lets try and rid ebay of these fakes that are really hurting the people that are trying to sell legit authentic shoes. Also I'm new to NT and glad to be a member finally. 
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OP, mods don't just "ACCIDENTALLY" delete threads.
If they delete it, means they do not want this kind of discussion to go on in the forum.

Welcome to NT.
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Dont mind Indo he thinks hes god, he has yelled at me for posting similar topics I think he sells fake shoes on ebay because he always pops off on these post.
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