Let's take a look back: Bulls @ Magic 1996 ECF game 4

Joined Jan 12, 2003
I remember these games as if they were yesterday.

This dude Jordan never breaks a sweat. Its crazy how he can turn left or right on that fadeaway, equally efficient.

Penny stay ABUSING Pippen though.
Joined Dec 13, 2004
I swear, MJ is the only player I see do a fade away and look like he just stays in the air for a few seconds until the defender lands and then finally lets theball go.
Joined Sep 4, 2007
people think its so easy to compare kobe and lebron to Michael, until you watch some *+*% like that and it brings you back down to earth! HE WAS A NATURAL BORNKILLER! Michael is and always will be in a league of his own. The guy never took his foot off the petal. Once he had his foot on your throat he didnt let gountil you were DEAD! This *+*% almost had me in tears.
Joined Apr 28, 2005
i remember this game like it was yesterday,,, this game was on a saturday or sunday , and it was in the afternoon, the penny fans were mad that day at the park


Joined Sep 27, 2002
Damn Mike.

@ Rodman rebounds and Brian Hill facial expressions when Mike hits his shots.
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