Let's take a look back: Bulls @ Magic 1996 ECF game 4


Good stuff

MJ's 7-15 footer was so $$$$
I remember these games as if they were yesterday.

This dude Jordan never breaks a sweat. Its crazy how he can turn left or right on that fadeaway, equally efficient.

Penny stay ABUSING Pippen though.
I swear, MJ is the only player I see do a fade away and look like he just stays in the air for a few seconds until the defender lands and then finally lets theball go.
people think its so easy to compare kobe and lebron to Michael, until you watch some *+*% like that and it brings you back down to earth! HE WAS A NATURAL BORNKILLER! Michael is and always will be in a league of his own. The guy never took his foot off the petal. Once he had his foot on your throat he didnt let gountil you were DEAD! This *+*% almost had me in tears.
i remember this game like it was yesterday,,, this game was on a saturday or sunday , and it was in the afternoon, the penny fans were mad that day at the park
Damn Mike.

@ Rodman rebounds and Brian Hill facial expressions when Mike hits his shots.
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