Lets Talk PDA's.

Dec 6, 2005
Any blackberry users here?
Im debating buying the World Edition but the only thing is I dont want to pay for a data plan.

Right now im working with the Treo 700wx. Its my phone with unlimited texting, which is great.

I talked to Telus, which is my provider, but they say a the data plan is mandatory with all blackberrys.

Anyone know if i can get a Bell or Rogers Blackberry without the dataplan? Just as a phone with unlimtied texting?

I want to buy the phone straight up, none of this 2 or 3 year contract BS.
i have the blackberry curve.. the data plan is mandatory for the first 6 months, then you can cancel it, and simply use it for SMSing. (i'm with Rogers). honestly, it works amazing, not one problem thus far, and texting on it is incredible.
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Any of you guys read digg at work, lol!? Maybe I'm late, but did anyone read Nokia's version of the Iphone?
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i personally dont see the point of pdas without a data plan... you can get tons of phones with keyboards that dont have an OS and are perfect for typing that dont require data plans.

as for pdas i got the o2 xda exec and it does me beautifuly

o2 is an amazing company and they function with most canadian providers.

edit: sole i believe wi fi pdas have been around for a few years now...
my old phone was the utstarcom 6700 and that had wi fi compat and its been around for atleast 2 years
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I have a Motorola Q from work, and I think its overrated. I'm a BlackBerry user. I'll do the HTCs, and O2 devices, but I was never really a fan of the Treos for some reason. I'll pay money for a BlackBerry over a PPC for the fact I know how reliable BBs are. The PPCs are nice, and powerful, but I just haven't found one that will let me put aside my BlackBerry. The HTC TyTN, and PPC 6800 are getting kind of close.
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