Lil Man Bein Raised Right

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That picture was displaying power of money. There’s a point to where you really don’t have to have mouth piece. If you pulled up to the party in a helicopter and a quarter of the way decent looking on some Bruce Wayne ****, you really think you gonna have game her into leaving with you? A woman know a lick when they see one just like a dude.
but the point is teaching your child NOT to be the lick. The average person knows when they see a young tenderoni with an old guy looking like the one in the picture, and he’s not her father, they know what time it is.

If they got money and want to play the game like that, that’s cool. Of course money = game for a dude with no mouth piece. He has no choice but to use material wealth to get a b****.

but the majority of the world isn’t wealthy, so people in standard society still have to talk there way, or attract their way into sex.

Normal people still have to have game :lol: :lol:
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