Looking for a restaurant...

Jan 19, 2006
So bay area, My birthday is in January (I know, long ways off) but I just wanted to make a thread now in order to make a reservation and stuff because I kinda want a more intimate setting since my plan as of now is to keep my birthday dinner small.

-Looking for a nice restaurant (I probably won't have to pay wine fee...because I won't be drinking any, only my 18th birthday)

-Good View/Calm atmosphere, but not dead. Yadidah? Yadidai.

-Since I live in Hayward, I'm not willing to go farther than SF/SJ/SSF/Millbrae.

- Keep suggestions of restaurants in Oakland :lol:
and Richmond out of this.

-Not willing to spend more than 35-40 per person, ideally a nice restaurant that's not a chain that's around 25-30 would be great but...yeah.

Thanks in Advance.

P.S. I might hit up the older friends after the dinner and make it rain, so any suggestions for that would be great too :wink:

>And Just in case I don't see ya; good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight<​
Check OPEN TABLE. You'll find detailed information about retaurants there.

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Anybody got suggestions for the 2nd part of my question? :evil:

>And Just in case I don't see ya; good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight<
how many people in your group and what kind of food are you leaning torwards. With a $35-$40 a person budget without alcohol, there are a few options.

As for your second question, Crazy Horse, Centerfolds, or Mitchell Bros I hear are usual favorites... :wink:
try vixen, its the newest club in sf. most of the girls there are black, so if u like big bootys, its the place to be
To answer your 2nd question, Market St. Cinema. I personally like Crazy Horse or Centerfolds.
There's always next season. . .​
Thanks for the many great suggestions, and Jaymatik thanks for the reference to opentable, I'm just using that to look and read up on restaurants now?

>And Just in case I don't see ya; good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight<
bucca sucks big time
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house of prime rib
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I suggest you'd go to the city if you'd like to "make it rain" later on that night. Crazy Horse or Centerfolds. Or Power Exchange? HAHAH

As for restaurants, Suppenkuche (German), Aux Delices (Vietnamese), Giorgio's Pizzeria (Pizza, Italian), Old Clam House (Seafood), Hyde Street Seafood (Seafood).
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