Dec 29, 2004
I am planning on moving to the Ville in 2 weeks or so. If anyone want to shoot me over a PM or IM, and give me the low down on the city or parts that I don't know about it would be soo appreciated. My girl go to BU so I've been there quite a few times over the past yrs. I will know noone other then her friends and my soon to be coworkers.

I'm not really into kicks anymore, but I have made a few purchases at that Skate shop on Bardstown. Anyone that work at the malls FL, Footlocker want to hook me up w/ a weekend or on call job?

aim- oradaradaradao
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I would've but that thread is cluttered w/ sneaker which this has nuthing to do with. So I made a separate thread.
Love me, hate me, or simply tolerate me
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