LRG panda dunk concept

Nov 21, 2006
I've always loved the LRG "feed the animals" panda logo, and i've been thinking of doing some custom dunks inspired by it this summer. my PS isn't working so i have to bare with paint. i'm planning on using a plain white on white basic model of the nike dunk lows. My friend's working on a patch that i can use to put onto the side of the sneaker when im done. Hopefully i can get everything i need so i can start on my project.

Im planning on using a light dotted splater like design with the green, and brown SB laces, the swoosh was supposed to be a full black, but my computer's being stupid, so now it looks like a cow print.

ahahah i get bored a lot in my computer/ system function class, so here's a little something i put together while my teacher was blabbering away....

Grape V's and the AM 95 grapes, are two of my most favorite colorways, so hopefully i can pull something together with this panda ^^^^ along with my original concept

I NEED YOUR HELP NIKETALK, any help, tips, or design modifications, are greatly appreciated, i'll take any pointers into account. and give me some advice on what type of paint i should use, i've heard a lot from friends, but i wanna know which will work and last best.

if i can get everything going, i'll update this thread with more pics with the progress

thanks in advance...
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The cow print idea, or should I say screw up, definitely makes the shoe look better.
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thx, might c how that looks b4 i go for the full black swoosh, any more ideas?
"Why ball in J's if all you're worried about is if they gonna get stepped on..."

~Th@ pn0y pr0d1gy
maybe do the front half of the swoosh all white and back half all black and take out the spots/panda pattern from it

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