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Growing up I remember for at least till 2nd or 3rd grade, kids taking lunch boxes and having a break during the day to eat. I was wondering ifthat's still a common thing? I have gone by elementary schools and never seen kids with lunch boxes and I haven't seen a lunch box for a while. Maybeis one of those thing that got faded out ...

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its different now the lunch boxes are like soft nylon material now not the old school metal or hard plastic , I had the Metal Rambo one and a hard plasticTransformer one
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so kids still be taking them ... I just asked a few of the guys I worked with and they said they never had those back in schools ..

they are about 21-24 y/o
Joined Jan 1, 2009
I'm 24 n I def had one. If I remember right I used to have a ghostbusters pastic lunch box.
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I use to have a red hard plastic power rangers one back in kindergarten and first grade.
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I teach at an elementary school and mextra45 is right. Most of the kids who bring their lunches from home bring them in the soft nylon bags. It's very rareto see a hard sided lunchbox, although I see them occasionally. Also, at my school, i'd say that 75-80 percent of kids eat school lunch instead of bringingone from home. Much different than when I was in elementary, although i'm 35.........
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Carried my metal PacMan lunch box from Preschool through the 2nd grade. Man I miss the "clank" sound of the metal lid when you open it to eat yourPB&J, chips, and warm juice from the thermos.
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i had a couple i dont remeber what cartoons i had on mine though ima go with TMNT
Joined Apr 27, 2007
I had an Orlando Magic one, and got it stolen half way through the year, I was heated...even though I was only 6 or 7 lol
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