Lupe Fiasco @ Summerfest - Milwaukee - Tomorrow 10:45

im there for sure....miller stage?
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I'm on my way right now.

Loved by Few, Hated by Many.

One of my most memorable nights for sure!

Chilled with Lu and his crew backstage in the dressing room before and after, watched the show on the stage with his crew aswell. Big ups to Lupe for taking care of me like that and giving me the opportunity to be backstage with him.

The most memorable part was him turning off the lights in the dressing room for a muslim prayer right before the show.

Only knock was it lasted about an hour, which was out of his control...but it was sad the show got cut a lil shorter than many expected.

Once again, I hope a few people got out to see him and big props to Lu and his people.


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It was most definitely a memorable occasion for me too.

Loved by Few, Hated by Many.
i was there with my son in the back. it was a good show. that was my first time seeing lupe live... too bad it was short but it still was a good time
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LOL, heres a pic of my view, sorry for the quality, taken with my phone:

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Lupe killed it, I was in the fifth row. people were passing out all around me some girls were being oc, funny stuff. Wish he could of had an encore, heard there is no encores at summerfest. Otherwise he killed it.
^ Yea man. The fans were nuts. They wanted that encore, and so did Lupe, but the summerfest manager wouldnt let him go back out. People probably thought it was Lupes call, but trust me, he wanted to do more aswell. At 12, everything is cut off at Summerfest.

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i knew lupe wasnt gonna do another song. i wasnt onstage with lupe but i was in the front row so i had fun.
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you mean..he didnt fall off stage here? ahah jk

but it was pretty bad/funny when he fell off 2 weeks ago..especially being RIGHT where he fell..and seeing the girl he landed on bleed everyhwere..felt bad for her
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