MAKING A MURDERER | Season 2 on October 19th!

Was Steven Avery set up to take the fall?

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    Votes: 7 87.5%
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Joined Dec 27, 2014
For all you bros that finish Making a Murderer and are looking for something similar, I HIGHLY recommend this:

Joined Jan 5, 2013
I believe all of his state appellate options have been exhausted. I sincerely hope the federal system can somehow get involved. This is bs to the utmost degree. That man's spent more time behind bars than he's ever spent as a free man. :smh:


formerly arrowcollarman
Joined Sep 15, 2014
Just finished. Disgusting how they played Steve and Brenden.

Btw, if I'm ever need a lawyer, I'm getting Steven's original team. Even though he lost, those two dudes presented a good case.

The "jury" on the other hand

I believe there's three possible options on how the girl actually died

(1) creepy brother

(2) creepy exbf and roommate

(3) suicide
Joined Mar 4, 2013
Was Avery the photographers last appointment? I forgot whether Avery was her last appointment or she had two more.
Joined Jul 20, 2012
glad more and more people are watching,bout to go back and watch for a second time.while being a great documentary it also bring out a lot of emotions in me.i know were supposed to be watching from the side of avery,but honestly what other side is there? they were out to get him and his family since the beginning and made it no secret.but it just infuriates me how these cops and investigators got away with so much.its like no one questioned anything,at all.really baffles me. 
Joined Jul 22, 2012
Just finished episode four.
HOLY CRAP!!!! The vile of blood was tampered with! So good!


formerly colombia
Joined Jan 12, 2013
Just watched the first episode and it has me hooked. Some really gripping scenes. Gonna bingewatch this.

Mark Antony

Joined Apr 30, 2010
Just like cell phones or body cameras, I think we'll start to see a weird backlash from law enforcement when these docs take off. One thing a corrupt cop hates is having his ego checked, there are no limits to what he'll do after that.


Joined Jul 11, 2010
When the judge said that Avery's crimes showed a pattern of escalation I was flabbergasted

He totally ignored that Avery was exonerated for the rape


formerly arrowcollarman
Joined Sep 15, 2014

This video explains a lot. The guys says there were these weird homo sex clubs in town that ran this town.

Wouldn't be surprised if the brother / exbf/ roommate was in this group.
Joined Sep 6, 2013
When the juror had to be excused for his family emergency, didn't they give Steven the option to have the case be declared a mistrial? Why didn't he take it?
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Ken Kratz

Len Kachinsky




Can all **** themselves.

Avery's lawyers really did kill it. My favorite part of the series was watching these dudes poke holes in all of the stories/lies being told on the stand. Well worth whatever Avery had to pay those dudes.

Colburn remembering the call from that detective saying they arrested the wrong guy . . . and not reporting it until he heard Avery was released from prison. Come on son.

The lack of physical DNA evidence was what really shocked me. A couple of suspiciously placed blood stains in the car, and an inconclusive DNA test on a random bullet?! When this was supposed to be a gruesome murder. . . .NAH . That's all bad. President Obama needs to go ahead and release these dudes.
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