Man gets 11 lbs of weed mailed to his home {Special Delivery}

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I'd move before I gave that up. Accidentally send me 11 pounds of the good **** and you'll be more burnt than it will.

EDIT: They said that the sender might have picked his name/address at random from a phone book, so there is that possibility.
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I would have done the same thing ,

"Officer I was mailed 2 pounds of weed come quick!"
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from the comments:

The scary thing here is not the marijuana. It is the fact a gang was surveilling him and his home, and chose him to receive a delivery. Stay safe Mr. Burton.
I'd be shook beyond belief if this happened to me. I really hope this dude stays safe as well. Obviously his name is out there, and there could be some people looking for retribution if they don't get their shipment. REALLY sucks for Burton.
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Thing is, you don't know who sent that package. If someone comes looking for it him turning it in lays the groundwork in case something ends up happening to him. Its not worth the risk to me.
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Every time I see a story like this, I think of Mike Epps in Next Day Air.

"Man GOD sent us this.."

In a situation like that, with my name on it, I'd be spooked, too.

Someone is obviously trying to set you up.
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People do this often when sending illegal stuff. Put a return address so that it cant be traced back to you.. Oh well, someone messed up. I wouldve reported a pound or two and moved the rest.
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