Matty's Corner - Raptors vs Nets, Game 1.

Dec 23, 2004
What's up guys? Now that school is done and primary focus is on our own Toronto Raptors making it throught he playoffs, just thought I'd fill you guys in who weren't at Raptors vs Nets playoff Game 1, just to give you a little idea of what it was like to be there. Enjoy! :smile:
the game, and TJ Ford dropped 14 points in the first quarter alone. But, despite the loud boos and chants of VC Sucks the Nets were able to stay on pace and keep up with the Raptors for the first quarter. The second and third quarters saw the Raptors go completely cold as the Nets maintained a double digit lead for the majority of this time. The Raptors shooting display was horrible. So bad that the only thing that came to mind was Lil Penny voice repeating Hey how do you shoot those things? They're heavy! during a classic Reggie Miller commercial. Remember that? And whenever the Raptors would finally manage to sink a basket, Nets coach Lawrence Frank would immediately call a timeout, breaking any kind of momentum that the Raptors were attempting to build. Pretty smart for a guy who used to be a towel boy, huh? The Raptors did manage to make a run that closed the gap to just one point in the fourth quarter, but this is wear the former prince of t-dot would make his presence most felt. With just minutes remaining Carter hit a clutch free throw to give the Nets a two-possession lead. And the next time down the court Carter broke his defender down, extending and kissing the ball off the glass to pretty much seal the deal. Carter proved once again that his former home, the ACC, still stands for the Air Carter Center, as the Nets steal game 1 and home court advantage from the Raptors.

[Hater] I'm not reading that essay @#%$, Cliffs Notes version please and pics are a must [/Hater]

J/K Matt RAPS better win game 2 I'll have "Danny's Corner: Raptors vs Nets Game 2" up on Wednesday lol​

LOLLLLLLLLLLL, nice summary matt

good post with the pics to go along with it...good job
Team Saugaour streets is clean
Talkin CRAPtors???
Shut yo lid
Y'all forgot bout Jason Kidd
TDOT all actin like they already won
Here comes Mr. JEFFERSON
Chris Botch MVP???
Looks good on a crap team you will see
TJ FORD outta control
Head all squashed up lookin like a troll
Booing VC when he was a vet
AIR CANADA hasn't even heated up yet
bargnani might have just been invisible
sophmore jinx is most def inevitable
Game 2 with a loss brings maple loser doom
its spring time folks bring out the broom

"yao know what i ming"
Raptors game 2, fans encouraged to wear red still, they are giving away Raptors flags for everyone to wave in addition, no shirts this time, so wear red on your own!​

booo we got a nets fan in here?

vince is soft..

imagine if we had kept tmac and dropped vince...bananas..
^soft like tissue as my Volleyball coach used to say!

lemme be the 1st to proclaim...THE SERIES IS TIED!

as bad as they played tonight and got out shot percentage wise, the Raps showed heart and pulled it out...they gotta step it up though if they wanna steal one in Brick City!
Opening May 2007
Raps > Nets, Bosh > VC
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