Max B... done

Joined Mar 4, 2003
He's never comin out of jail he just got out..They should lock him up with Shyne their first single from behind bars "He touched it"


Joined Dec 29, 2008
max b looks hella bumish , smh at rappers doin stupid things

homies going to go in a tight end and leave a wide reciever.....
Joined Sep 25, 2004
Chunk was right. This idiot Max. He coulda been seeing that 30K with 2shows on a bad day with the way his buzz was growing. Ruined his career and life
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isnt this the same report from RIGHT after the robbery?

whats new on this vid that wasnt available to us previously?
is there a part II that I missed?
Joined May 18, 2005
Originally Posted by GUNNA GET IT

isnt this the same report from RIGHT after the robbery?

watched it twice... and didn't realize that

sounded so much more official since I never heard of witnesses and the whole story before.
Thought it said 1 year after the incident, not 1 week.
sounded so clear thought it was all said n done.

but in any case... Charly Wingate is done.
Enjoyed the wave tho
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