Maybe with some seasoning he'll be a half way decent player...........

Joined May 26, 2003
Give the guy a break, his eyes are bung, of course he's gonna have trouble evaluating players
Joined Apr 28, 2009
Man %*+$ that unappreciation thread...we need a whole forum to talk about this guy...if i was jon barry i'd smack the @#!$ outta him off air
Joined Oct 20, 2004
I despise Stu as much as the next man, but I would pay good money for someone to assassinate Rick Kamla. I'm talking Yeezy guap.
Joined Jun 24, 2002
Dude tries too hard and throws out stats as if they're supposed to impress you every other 5 mins.
Joined Jul 14, 2003
Blame ESPN who never should have hired this clown in the first place let alone have him as the lead studio guy in about 9 sports now.
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