Michigan Summit??

I would go, and I know my sister would too, just to where? Last time, when more people promised and did not show, it was only about 6 people or so. We went to Burn Rubber, Hockeytown, Athletes Foot, and a Tigers Game.
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I'm def down for one!!!!!

The thing is, most Michigan people rarely come in the NT Midwest....so you not going to get that many views and/or replys....

Find another way to get people in here......make a link to the thread and put it in your sig or something....

But I am def down with the idea!!!!!

I will spread the word to the other MI NTers that I talk to on YIM....
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I wanted to go while the Yanks are in Detroit, but tickets are long gone for that series...
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How bout vs the Sox? Or even Cleveland. I'm down for a summit tho for sure.
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Its about NTers from Michigan getting together, meeting each other, showing off their kicks, etc. Sorry I havent been back for a while, I dont check this forum much to be honest. Looks like we've got a good deal of interest though. Anyone want to start throwing out dates?
Sounds pretty cool! MAybe something right before or just after the 4th of July weekend maybe? Anyone else? Weekends are normally good for me with advance notice. Would love to get together with fellow sneakerheadz and talk about shoez all day! Let me know and I am def down!
I wouldn't be able to make that date. I work pretty much every Sat. but I can get off with like 3 weeks notice. I don't want to have to call in...
Anthony, Blake, Camby ,Carter, Diawara, Evans, Iverson, Johnson, Kleiza, Martin, Najera, Nen, Sampson, Smith, Wafer​
i am down, i just found this! sticky it in the general
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Team Michigan
Anyone who knows about Tigers tickets, how easy are they to buy at the Window for Yanks vs Tigers?
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For the Yankees, it's no problem buying standing-room only tickets. We wouldn't be able to sit down all game, but they are countless places to post up against through out the stadium. SRO ticks are only $15 as well.
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count me in

except lets try for around late August

Tigers game sounds good, but i want to sit somewhere, too old to be standing up all day

wish we could have a stand/booth or something somewhere at the Dream Cruise, yeah right

that way itll give us time to set something up

cant wait to finally meet a lot peeps from the area, i get a feeling though a lot of us are 25+ or close to it
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I'm in. I missed like the last two (or 1.... errr)

Late August would be awesome for a Tigers game. Pretty much everyone we play down the stretch/second half of the season is good and it would be pretty easy to scoop up a bunch of day game tickets.
Yeah, I would love to go against the Yanks. I want to see the Bronx Bombers and Jeter...

We should def. get serious about this...

Saturday, August 25th...

Tigers vs Yanks...
I'm in depending on the day, it would probably be a last minute thing with my work schedule, as I **crosses fingers** may be getting a new job soon..
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