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Joined Feb 23, 2010
I'd personally take it to court. No way that I'd get something put on my record for getting jumped.

Be sure to let the judge know that the girl continued dating the guy shortly after the incident, and that you had already declined fighting with the guy at an earlier date.
Joined Apr 19, 2007
If you got no money to go to trial just pay the fine but if you can spare some change for the lawyer I'd try to do those cats in one way or another..
Joined Sep 17, 2005
Take the L.

If you really wanted to take it to the next level you should have called the cops after you got beat down.

So now YNS, you caught a beatdown, have medical bills, and have to pay a fine. I hope that girl was a dime *Kanye Shrug*
Joined May 14, 2009
Girl invites you over, her ex-boyfriend and his cadre of ne'er do wells comes over and stomps you out, she gets back with him and now you owe $260? You lose my lose


Joined Aug 20, 2005
Take the L now and pay the fine. But you have to find a way to get paybacks or it will bother you forever.
Joined Feb 2, 2010
take it to trial explain what happen its 2 against 1.... 97% chance that you win....I mean why would you try and fight two people?....share your pics of your injuries with the judge...explain to him everything in a last resort say you can't afford the fines and opt for community service.....get to court early before you get sworn in ask for dismissal with the agreement of the plantiff and explain how you will do community service...either way you will be fine bro


Joined Jan 13, 2010
Stop messing with STUPID O's

And pay the damn $260, and live and learn.

Did they Kane and O Dawg you?
Joined Dec 28, 2009
first off you shouldnt have gone to the police. handle it yourself.
on the other hand, the whole "verbally started the fight" thing is BS it doesnt justify being assulted if you got hit first.

imo take the L and get them back later. court is a bunch of time and BS. but do what u gotta do
Joined Apr 28, 2009
Originally Posted by HybridSoldier23

So now YNS, you caught a beatdown, have medical bills, and have to pay a fine.
Originally Posted by bstizarr

Just to note:
The girl and her ex got back together shortly after the incident.
Other dude smashing ol' girl...again.

So you got jumped and know who did it...and the first thing you did after getting lumped up is scram to the Sheriff?

I hope you take that **@@ to trial and lose. You a sucker, b.
Joined Nov 27, 2007
Now ask yourself this. Was she worth it?

There is no way I would pay and if I did, there would some street justice served.
Joined Sep 28, 2004
sounds like they set you up and want to ruin your life (atleast something on your record).
Joined Feb 9, 2009
Hha thanks for the straight foward advice.

I think I handled myself well enough to not get too hurt, I mean it was bad, but I' healed now.
There was a knife on the ground I kicked out the way, it's a complex story, but I summed it up.
Joined Jan 2, 2010
wait... you're black tryin to come in between a white couple and u have the audacity to mention court?

this is STILL america...
Joined Jan 2, 2009
@ you tryna run but still gettin her %#$ kicked anyway. It also seems like you're leaving a lot of things out of this story to make yourself seem more like the victim in the situation. Them dudes wouldn't of just jumped you for no reason I'm sure you instigated the fight. Just take the L.
Joined Jan 30, 2007
OP's soft.

Pay the fine.

If you go to trial, you will most likely lose and probably get your !@! kicked again.
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