More info about Dirk's babe......She used to mess w/ Tony Banks too.

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Dirk dominates; Cristal's tale evolves
9:20 PM Tue, May 12, 2009 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
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While Dirk Nowitzki almost single-handedly kept the Mavericks' season alive on Monday night, more details emerged about his arrested formergirlfriend's past.

We already had told you that Cristal Taylor had in 2003 applied for a license to work in a Beaumont gentleman's club. Now we learn that she worked there asa stripper, using "Jade" as her stage name.

We previously reported that, unknown to Nowitzki, Taylor was married from 1998 to 2001 to a man named James Westerhaus, who blamed her for piling up most ofthe $330,000 in debt that caused him to file for bankruptcy in 2002.

Now we know that when Cristal filled out her sexually oriented business license application, she did so as Kristy Briana Nobles and listed her maiden name asHolmes.

Though we have found no record of a marriage license, our relentless staff researcher Molly Motley Blythe found that Cristal, or "Kristy" lived witha fellow named Todd Nobles, who, coincidentally, also filed for bankruptcy in 2002. The News left an unreturned phone message Tuesday at Todd Nobles' mostrecently listed place of employment.

And while we previously reported that Cristal Taylor has used at least eight different aliases, still more were associated with her name in Beaumont, includingCrista Nobles, Christy Nobles, Ann Westerhaus, Crissy Tyler, Shirley Taylor and Crissie A. Nobles.

It was around Dec. 20 2004, Beaumont police say, that Cristal Taylor bilked a local dentist out of $10,000 of dental work. She claimed to be a student at LamarUniversity, presented a driver's license with the name Christian Travino and used a credit card that was subsequently rejected. Police couldn't findher as the investigation progressed.

Sometime this week, Cristal Taylor is expected to face an extradition hearing. By week's end, she could be moved to one of two locales in which she iswanted for outstanding warrants _ Beaumont or the St. Louis area.

Will Dirk and the Mavericks still be playing?
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its safe to say he was dealing w/ a telling how much she got out of him...

she was a freak you know how she got him...
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Originally Posted by marionthebarberian

I KNOW JKidd has a sideline broad he can hook Dirk up with.

like dirk hasnt got his own sideline broads.

this golddigger...them material thaaangs.
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Damn, that's a heck of a shady history.

At least she got busted so Dirk don't have to deal with that garbage anymore.

Imagine getting deceived like that by someone? Could happen to anyone
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Maaaan...he already got GOT by her....remember, she's pregnant. If she didn't go to jail for fraud, who knows the type of damage she would have done tohis finances. As soon as that baby was born, I would almost guarantee she would have split. Making Dirk pay RIDICULOUS amounts of $ in CS. Dirk got lucky thatthe feds stepped in when they did. With her past, hopefully the judge won't be too leinant (assuming she was gonna make dirk pay CS) with how much Dirk isgoing to have to pay. Hopefully, he gets sole custody of the child....
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Wow, can't really blame Dirk, Babe was obviously a straight up con artist who was damn good at her job. Hopefully Dirk hadn't laced this chick withaccess to his accounts and such.

Good thing he found out before he wifed that chick.
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The friend says that when Taylor was taken to the Dallas County Jail Wednesday, the staff took a urine sample and told her she's pregnant. An individual who spent the night in jail with Taylor also tells CBS 11 News that Taylor is claiming to be pregnant.

[Mark Jackson Voice] Got 'em! [Mark Jackson Voice]

Damn, Dirk might be about to take one of the most epic L's in thehistory of the game.
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