more on royce da 5'9 and mistah f.a.b.....

Jan 21, 2003 :wow:

cant wait.
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but more importantly, fabby is coming out with a mixtape produced by alchemist?!?

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If the beat aint trash throw away track from Alchemist(cuz collabin wit Mistah Fab dont seem right) Royce should be smart n jump on each n everyone spittin on it :lol:

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^^I'm sry but you're right. That mixtape would just be full of beats better artists could've used lol.
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He mentioned this on the song. Needless to say, I was rather upset when I heard that. Royce should be on those beats.
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at yall hatin on FAB...i hope you guys have actually listened to Son of A Pimp and are formulating your own opinions opposed to basing your opinions off what you've heard other people say...Its FAB's fault though, Ghost Ride it is without a doubt the worse song in his entire catologue and he decides to release that @#%$ to the masses :smh:

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mistah fab is doo-doo butter..alchemist is ******ed for wastin a whole mixtape dedicated to this dude :smh:
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ahahaha...@#%$ mad cuz alc doing a mixtape wit mistah fab..they both from left coast..mistah fab is nice...llollll u bloggers sound liek @#%$ :smh:


ROYCE destroyed him.
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I'd know I'd rather hear Royce over Alchemist beats than this lame.
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what is alchemist doing? go call up Royce and get him on those beats
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Most of everybody in here is just judging F.A.B. by the battle and his diss song, but don't sit at your computer and say F.A.B. is trash and basura if you haven't heard Son of a Pimp or Baydestrian. Royce has the lyrical capacity to rival anyone in the game right now, but truth be told, nobody's checking for Royce except NT and Detroit. There's a reason why he's not on Alchemist's beats. There's a reason why he's not signed to Atlantic.
Fab on a alchemist beat doesn't sound too appealing to say the least, iono I'll wait to hear it tho.

berkeley boy you are right about son of a pimp but the baydestrian is by no means a hot cd at all.

its wack and i rep northern cali so don't chalk it up to hate that I'm saying this.

whether the battle is wack between royce and fab is trash or not it has helped him get his name out there on the net at least.
so the publicity stunt is working....before this f.a.b.'s push had died down like 2 years ago so more power to him
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baydestrian is by no means a hot cd at all.

i ain't say its the hottest thing out, but there's a few songs on there that show his lyrical abilities, dude is far from a clown.

but anyways, C.I.A.-latest diss by Mistah F.A.B.

on a serious note, i hope this doesn't boil over to violence. The @#%$ Royce said about San Francisco guaranteed he can't do a show there anymore (as if he was doing shows to begin with). Detroit doesn't play, The Bay doesn't play...this could get ugly, i hope it doesn't.
nobody's checking for Royce except NT and Detroit. There's a reason why he's not on Alchemist's beats. There's a reason why he's not signed to Atlantic.
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mistah fab is FAR from doo-doo, i'm from the bay area and i hate the hyphy crap, but if u actually listen to his deep stuff he's pretty damn good. even on baydestrian he has some deep @#%$ that is far from garbage ('life on track', 'shorty tryina get by', 'jamonie robinson :wow:
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