More Try-On's: Nike Dunk High Supreme QS

Jun 29, 2000
More pics and info at Air 23.

i dont see how someone could hate on these. they are outstanding! i wanted these so badly when i did my id shoe at themontalban in hollywood, but unfortunately at the time, they were just used for reference and not available to the public. the fact that they released them ispure delight to folks like me that wanted them so badly even though they were so unavailable. the material on them - if they are exactly the same as the"try on" sample pairs - is amazing. ugh... if only i were in soho to grab these
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I don't get it? NikeID allows you to do this, why not just cop there?
they don't.

you were never able to make an all-gray shoe. the only shoe that you could actually iD the actual try-on for was the huarache 2k5.

the closest i came was all-silver AM93s (was also contemplating AM97s but decided to go with 93s), but even then, the outsole was always black, no matter what.
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