Most Disappointing Shoe based on performance vs. price?

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Hyperdunks, Jordan XX2s, and LeBron IVs. All these shoes totally change my game. HDs are pretty good before the bottom out.
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You guys are crazy..Foam 1s are the most comfortable and durable shoes out there(worth the $200 price)
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Yes the foams are comfortable and durable, but come on man, respect other people's opinions. We don't all have the same feet.
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man both ofthese disappointed the heck out of me. If anyone can even fit in the Air Max's I'd be shocked! I have narrowfeet and those shoes nearly squeezed the life force out of me. The CB34's looked nice, but were bricks. In both cases, the max 'cushioning' wassuper hard and I ended up eBaying both pairs. I knew the retro Barkley's wouldn't be super soft, but that shoe was impossible for me to play in. Andfull length air in the runners was so stiff, I don't know how someone could weigh enough to feel them and fit inthe shoe.
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Originally Posted by rpcjr72

The CB34's looked nice, but were bricks. In both cases, the max 'cushioning' was super hard

OGs weren't great either. Undersized heel Air (Think Penny IV) and forefoot cushioning was almost non-existent - even casual extended casual wear causeddiscomfort.
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the hyperdunks are so over rated the 2K8's killed them performance wise"Dont fall for the hype!!!!"
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Originally Posted by swingshot

Jordan XX. Too high off the ground/poor court feel. Midfoot strap is redundant. Ankle strap is awkward.
Jordan XX1. Uneven cushioning at heel. Forefoot cushioning is unresponsive.
Jordan XX2. Uneven cushioning/unstable at heel.
Jordan XX3. Midsole too stiff. Ankle support lacking.

Originally Posted by DeezyVSOP

There are a lot of recent Nikes and Jordans I wouldn't even think about getting, mostly for the experience that you had. I say Nikes and Jordans because they tend to be priced higher than the other brands, and a lot of times any noticeable performance benefits are not worth it.

Oddly, i thought the XIX performs pretty well, otherwise i'm agreement with you.
In most cases yes nike does overprice everytime they release a shoe jordan 09 example and you saw what happened in a pic on the bottom heel ofthat shoe. That is why usually i just wait cause my limit is around 125 for a pair and then when i want extras i take advantage of the discounts to get extras.That is all smart of everyone to do because especially nowadays imo nike should at least lower their price in order to get more purchases on their items.Jordans back at around 125 retail back then was a fair price but now 190 plus is bad. Also now with resellers and the shoe collecting bringing the price upeven more nike is sure to continue to bring prices higher.
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Honestly, i love the way XX's feel on the court, they may not be liked by many people, but i got love for em.
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This thread truly shows that the same sheos don't workfor everybody. Zk1s and LeBron 4s STAY in my rotation
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I've played in the Lebron IV, Kobe 1, Jordan XIX, XX, Foamposite Pro, and Flightposite 1 (some of the shoes that have been criticized in this thread) and Ilove them all, especially the latter 4.

I was pretty disappointed in the XXI. The cushioning was too firm for me. The balls of my feet were hurtin' after every game.
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hyperdunks, i bought into the hype with the olympics and all. definitely won't be buying anything with lunarfoam in them. and there's zero cushioningaround the collar of the shoe.
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I'd agree that the XX3's aren't great for performance. I love wearing them for casual and get plenty of compliments on them, but when it comes toplaying ball in them, I feel like the support isn't there and I can't move laterally as quickly as I'd like to. But if you want a great basketballshoe in terms of performance, the Zoom Kobe IV is the best by far IMO
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for me the most dissapointing shoe i balled in was my fire red jordan III's dem things killed my feet!!!! omg i swear i hated playing in them shoes.

the best shoes that i did play in tho were my penny 4's
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XX3's easily. I have never been so disappointed in a sig Jordan. I wore them the first day and they were so flat all I could do is
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Jordan v. The plastic on the tongue killed my feet. Gave them them to the Salvation Army about two months ago in pristine condition.
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Jordan XX3's- the worst $200 I ever spent, cut my pinky toe more than once and when it didn't just felt ok... Proof that JB is over.
Adidas whatever D.Rose and Billups was wearing this year, got these for $40 shipped and it's the most I've ever spent on a doorstop. Terrible beyondbelief!!
All Jordan Team shoes, w/ the big air pad? stiff and fake leather not to mention horrible fit and no court feel.
Jordan XX1's, the lace holder broke within 2 weeks, the court feel .. what court I feel like I'm on stilts. Horrible horrible shoes. I don'tbelieve JB test any shoes at all..
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Originally Posted by no vert

Jordan v. The plastic on the tongue killed my feet. Gave them them to the Salvation Army about two months ago in pristine condition.
Yes, the tongue feels funny to me too. Personally, I would like it to be a little softer. But for most people, they love the tongue because it isone of the design elements that makes the Vs stand out.
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