Most Overrated Basketball Shoe?

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the LBJ 3's w/o a doubt. some agree but some love em to death and still rock em here and there from what I see. out of all the bball kicks I've bought in the last 2 years or so... the only ones I regret. a few of the colorways were nice tho. had the white/navy. at least I didn't pay anywhere near retail for em.
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When you read the opinions here on NikeTalk, then look and see what people are actually wearing on court OUTSIDE of this and other of communities like this, you'll notice that these two hardly ever agree. For a shoe to be OVERrated, it has to be RATED in the first place. Since this is the place where that sort of opinion reigns, here are the shoes that I feel are entirely overrated, even comically so,

Zoom Ultraflight
2K4 and 5
ZK1 and 2
Jet Flight
LBJ 2, 3, AND 4
Jordan XIV

Once being a rookie at reading some of the so called "expert" reviews, I'd actually bought a pair that were HIGHLY recommended. I wound up getting injured wearing something that I would have never worn, if I'd used my better judgement. I now realize that most of these reviews, those that give 'ratings' to certain kicks by those so-called experts, seem to have other motivations in mind. That could be to the benefit of the resellers, or the 'sexy' shoe company of the moment. But at the end of the day, all that really matters is how you feel about the shoe that YOU are gonna Ball in.

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Jordan XIV and 2k4/5
I dont like LeBron 3's that much, but the traction is AMAZING!
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Jordan XIVs, kinda suck. AZK1 isn't that great either.
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FP3. Heavy and imo, ugly.
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Any Nike/Jordan shoe w/ Zoom Air. Zoom feels good if you're just chillin'. That's real talk
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The 2k4 and 2k5 easy they were OK hoop shoes but not great....
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any huarache shoe....the zoom air feels nice in them but the ankle support sucks...i got suckered into the huarache elites because of a low price tag and they are horrible. i played in them one time and sprained my ankle and now they are work shoes. if i had sat and tried the shoes on and slept on it i wouldnt own those shoes.

Another one is the AZK1...its a decent shoe but once again i saw a cheap price and the great reviews on here and i thought it was a turns out they were $30 for a reason. the zoom air in them is not as responsive as other zoom basketball shoes, the ankle support is suspect, and the back of the shoe where the mesh is located is way bigger than my leg. its like someone tried on the shoe before me with a cast on lol.
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Dude your supposed to try a basketball shoe on before you buy.

I think the Hurrache fits my needs
The lebrons fit a durability need and they dont clunk my feet

Some of you dont know what the specs are when you see them.

2 zoom pods isnt going to give the samee responsiveness as a full length one.

Try your shoes on and know your athletic abilities.
I used to be a Full length Zoom guy then I started liking the feel of the 2 seperate pods cause they protect but you arent distracted by the fit.
Now I like Max in the heel with either a Newer Air sole up front or a Zoom pod.
I just bought the 360's and im curious to how they will work.
They fit okay I like them better without the sock liner but they arent overrated

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Zoom Ultraflight
2K4 and 5
ZK1 and 2
Jet Flight
LBJ 2, 3, AND 4
Jordan XIV

Some of the shoes on that list are most certainly not overrated. Maybe you didn't agree with the vast majority on how shoes like the 2K4/5 and Lebron series performed, but those are some of the best basketball shoes on the market.

I know sometimes I expect too much out of basketball shoes, and I feel disappointed after first wears of certain shoes. But it's more about shoes allowing you to play your game, it's only a problem if they become a hindrance to it.
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AJ XIV and ZK2 kill my feet!!! Overrated
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" vast majority"

You must mean the "majority" on Nike Talk, correct? This opinion no longer means anything to me, nor to those who really play ball in their kicks. I am skeptical about anything that is raved about on here, due to the 'climate' that exists.

> Resellers creating a market for shoes they are trying to get rid of...
> Certain employees attempting to gain support for a new shoe, or favorite shoe designer...
> Followers of the hype. Co_signers, those who just support what they THINK will make them popular as well...

^ None of this makes a good basketball shoe, and every shoe on that list had the ultimate support of the "majority" of Niketalk, and they were HORRIBLE.

My research is done on the courts, but this is not to discount ALL of the opinions here on NikeTalk. There are a few here that I will take suggestions from. Chris Chicago is one, and there are a few others that I see who'll be honest enough to say if a highly hyped Nike/Adidas/Reebok shoe equally sucks.

There is a NikeTalk legend, and there is a 'real time' truth.

I stick with the latter.....I love the early release pics, and then the banter about NikeTalk's favorite son, but I no longer pay any attention to the High profile reviewers and their following.

You'd be a fool to do that...
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Quote:[hr][/hr]You must mean the "majority" on Nike Talk, correct? This opinion no longer means anything to me, nor to those who really play ball in their kicks. I am skeptical about anything that is raved about on here, due to the 'climate' that exists.[hr][/hr]

I agree. Personally, I cannot understand the purposeful blatant disregard for foward thinking adidas/Reebok/And 1, New Balance shoes on this board. I cannot recall how many times I've seen a post saying, "I'd cop, but they're not Nike," or "adidas are ugly," which is truly unfortunate, because all brands are producing some cool shoes.

As for the reviews posted by other users on here, I take them with a grain of salt. I'm tired of shoes being bestowed with felicitations, when they've only played an hour in the shoe. I learned that the hard way with the ZK1...I liked the old school swoosh, but seriously, they didn't perform that well---and I could not even dream of the day where I could call them "the best basketball shoe ever, the best basketball shoe of today, etc." The Zoom Kobe 2 is interesting though.
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No way is the 2K4 overrated, no way !
These shoes are some of the best.
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Im thinking that the vast majority of you guys that are dissapointed by shoes, should try them on and lace them up, and run/jump around in the store, and you would most like avoid being dissapointed. If you would quit taking others oppinions on shoes then you wouldnt be so dissapointed.

I have some of the shoes you guys are saying are over rated. Zoom Kobe 1 and 2, Lebron 2 and 4, and H2k5s. I love all these shoes. Just try your shoes on before you buy them.
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how can u "over" rate a shoe? i feel what i feel. i can understand if another person with the same shoes doesn't feel the same as me, (or even completely the opposite, after all, feet are made differently) but that doesn't make my rating overrated.

i know the ultraflight is definitely one of those shoes. it was one of my all time favourites, but my buddy who has flat feet, he sprained his ankle in these at least 3 times. think he liked them? same shoe, size, height, weight etc.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]how can u "over" rate a shoe? i feel what i feel. i can understand if another person with the same shoes doesn't feel the same as me, (or even completely the opposite, after all, feet are made differently) but that doesn't make my rating overrated.[hr][/hr]

I completely agree with what you're getting at. When it comes down to high-end shoes, it's all about personal preference and what your needs are. One of my top shoes to play in is the Air Jordan XIV, but I don't expect everybody else to love it, it fits my needs and feels good to me. If somebody has the same playing style as me, I may recomend it to them, but I wouldn't recomend it to a completely different player who looks for different things in a shoe just because I like them. Another one of my favourite shoes is the Air Zoom Drive, which I think most players wouldn't like. A shoe cannot be overrated, everybody has their own likes and needs which will be different from everybody else's.
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I don't know what the original posters intent was, but my comments were about the opinions here on Nike Talk. Some shoes are spoken of more than others, and those are considered the "best ever", by an overwhelming majority here.

This is how a shoe becomes under, or in this case, OVERRATED.

If you believe what you read here, the only reason that the LBJ4 would be too heavy for you, is if you have 'weak' legs...and it goes further than that....

...The LBJ2 is supposed to be the best ever for some, those who just might still be in grade school...if you've never worn anything else, I cannot value this opinion...

...The Ultraflight is supposedly the best, and nobody can explain why that is, despite ovewhelming evidence proving that this shoe, is not even close to even being "decent"...

...The 2k4 and 5 might have the worst ankle protection of any so_called high end shoe, yet those who claim it is the best still suggest ankle braces while wearing them...

...The ZK1 and 2's are Kobe Bryant's shoes... there are other issues with the ZK1..but I can stop right there....

..and then there is the opinion of how playing in OLD "tech", is somehow bad for you, so just how old is Zoom Air now?

What happens here is called selective reasoning. I can understand that everyone has their choices and opinions. I also understand that this is a Nike Fan Board, and THAT is the reason that if you ARE a ballplayer, you should be very careful when reading about what is supposedly the BEST SHOE EVER here.

There is high chance that this shoe will be OVERRATED.
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