Mouse trap car help

Joined Jun 11, 2008
NT, i'm making a mousetrap car for physics and i have everything done except for the wheels. Instead of buying, are there any household items that i coulduse for wheels?? Thanks
Joined May 17, 2006
some type of small rolling pin, bottle caps, a core of anything that comes in a roll(tape)....
Joined Apr 7, 2008
LOL I did this last year

I used CDs where I cut the ends of a balloon and stretched it around the the edge to make a "tire" for grip

I had front wheels but took them off because the #%%#% @!@ teacher made us do a hill climb which barely anyone could, however they were just small wheels froma DIY model shop. The eyelets worked fine though, because they were smooth metal and just slid without much friction
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