Movin to Atlanta

May 11, 2005
I dont want to blow anybody spots up but where can i cop quickstrikes and limited jordans. I am from nyc so i know a few spots up here that will ship and plenty of connects to get stuff sent down so i will glady barter with anybody for some spots besides walter's, and prestigous. Feel free to aim me if you feel like sharing spots in public.
Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time out to help me..
Again i will not blow up your spot.. Just me and no one else... i am shoehead so it will kill me not to know any spots like i do up in Nyc..
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Check out the Ride
Check the collection @ myspace as well
Want 255's next season,can't get to 255.... Aim me we can work something
lol....hey man...check out the posts in here already...this question is asked a few times a week...the info is alreaddy here so just check the other threads in the southeast forum that say atlanta....

i wouldpost som but i'm just tired of writing the same stuff lol

bt if you can't find anything (just look lol) hit me up

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No offense my dude but for all that you just wrote you couldnt list two or three spots. Like lets be forreal that would have helped a lot more.. Personally i dont have time to filter thru the hundreds of threads and thousands of useless post in the threads to find out where some of the spots that might be listed in the thread. Thats why i started my own if you can help i would greatly appreciate it. again i am no asking you to blow up your dl spots by listing them in this thread pm me them im me them email them.
I will share some nyc spots with you very simple easy answer. Again i appreciate it in advance
sheesh nt...
Want 255's next season,can't get to 255.... Aim me we can work something
sole munki
prestigious (eventho u already said them)
dtlr's at southlake and stonecrest
laced up

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