Aug 17, 2007
I got a new job starting in January, and i have to find a place to stay in Atlanta...where should i move to? what neighborhood? whats the cost of living? I'm from the SF and i know its no where near the same as the Bay, so what i am i looking at for a 2 bedroom apartment?
Buckhead has really nice homes, thats where alot of celebrities that choose to reside in atlanta live..i would venture to say that there are some really houses in your price range there, but most of the really nice homes are probably in the millions...
However i have some friends that stay in Dacula, which is not that far from Lawrenceville, and they live in a neighborhood in your price range.. think their home costed a little less than 600,000 and had plenty of space...around 3 bed rooms and a master bedroom upstairs, middle level huuge kitchenwith dining space, with a den, dining room, and another extra room, and then a GHUGE basement that was so large that they could still have a room for entertainment(pool table etc.) 2 more bedrooms, an office and another den.. so all in all about 6 or 7 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms and plenty of room throughout the house..and their nehighborhood has a club house and golf course, pool, everything.. The only drawback is the actual distance from Atlanta..on a good day i can go from there to ATL in about 25 minutes but thats speeding up 85 North @ 80+ mph..I love the area though...
by good day you steal mean congested highways...

what is your price range? just know the cost of living here is ALOT less than the bay area
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what city is your job located in? do you have kids? i live in cobb county and am biased, but i'm all about living near your work if you can afford it and like the area. if you're not looking to rent for too long and want a house, PM me and i can give you my wife's information (she's an agent) and she can assist you in looking for a home. as another posted stated though, the cost of living down here is tremendously less than cali, so you should be able to find a really nice apartment just about anywhere for about $1,000 to $1,200 per month, but i'm of mind that spending that type of cheese on an apartment makes little sense when you can get a nice house out here for the same mortgage payment. heck you could probably get a brand new two bedroom condo downtown for less than $200k. anyway, good luck homie, the south is where it's at......
Nah no kids, i'm only 22, its just a year long contract, so i just need a apartment....
Live in Gwinnett. Best environment, least hood, most fun and girls. The only downside is the traffic.
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