Music You Wish Would Come Out But Probably Won't

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Dr. Dre's Detox single still being m.i.a. even though it was supposed to be out last Friday got me thinking about music that should have dropped/leaked by now but hasn't.  Post the music you've been impatiently waiting on/given up on.  Here's my list:

The Drought is Over Part 7 (Specifically "30 Minutes to New Orleans".  I've been impatiently waiting for that song since that documentary came out)
The Wayne x Juelz "I Can't Feel My Face" album
The 2 or 3 other songs Drake said he recorded with Jay that didn't make BP3
The Kanye beat that Wale heard and wanted to use with Cudi and Drake but Kanye said no
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Dre said the single would take about 2 weeks to come out, people just started saying it would come out earlier.

But I remember Scarface saying he was supposed to make an album with Jay-Z and Beans or Ice Cube and someone else (I can't remember), I would love to get that.

Nas+Premo album.

Black Milk/Sean Price/Guilty Simpson album.

Madvillain 2.
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Originally Posted by Cicero Avenue Dopeman

drought is over 7, when it does come out it will probably be trash though with like 2-3 decent songs like the last one.
As long as "30 minutes to new orleans" is on there I'm not tripping
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Another 9th Wonder + Little Brother colabo.
A new Bloc Party album (Probably gonna happen, but not for a damn long time).
And lastly
Originally Posted by zube42

Madvillain 2.
or anything by DOOM.
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Nas/AZ album
Twista/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony album
Cam/Vado/Heatmakerz album
Max B mixtape with only him
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NaS x Premier (never gonna happen)
KRS x Premier (it's called "Return Of The Boom Bip" (yes Bip not Bap) and i'd like it to come out NAOW!)
Pete Rock x Planet Asia (it's called "Planet Rock" and they need to hurry the *+%# up with it!)
A new Jill Scott LP
A new D'Angelo LP
Y Society-Y3 (it's Insight and's Damu and Insight)
NYG'z (C'mon Preem!!!!)
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Originally Posted by Ruxxx

Pete Rock x Planet Asia (it's called "Planet Rock" and they need to hurry the *+%# up with it!)
Forgot about this one, I realllyyyy want it to come out. Pain Language was
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