My Collection...Bo's, Maxes, Jordans, more Updated 11/8!

Jan 1, 2003
I finally took some pics of the collection...this @#%$ takes awhile to do...props to all the people who take the time to do this. Anyway I try to wear every single pair of kicks I DS BS for me. I try to keep a limit on myself of about $140 or less.........ENJOY.....Updated again I will just add pics to this post once shoes come in!

Some J's

A couple of Dunks

Some 90's,93's and other runners

Some Basketball, A pair of dunks I forget and Misc.

Some Trainers and Turf kicks

Some Forces

And finally a couple of Non-Nikes

Two Bo Jacksons to add to the collection

GR Stabs,Nash's,Jordan 14,Patent Sertig,St. Patty's,Terra Humara copped for the collection

Grape V's, Women V's, Military 4's, and some Ice Creams for the collection

Well there goes my $140 limit, Union 97's I had to cop though and some Citrus 7's

Some more kicks Barkley low, Considered BB, Max 93, 360"s, Haloween Forces all for $250

Jordan IV Thunder & Lightning (and no I didn't pay JB quickstrike prices I paid what retail said on the box) Air Max 90 Navigation, And some new Bo Jax.

Finishline 97's, Fire Reds, Samurai Bo Jacksons, Max 1's

Some B-Ball 360's and Trainer III's

Burgs, Mist, LB Bdays, Huf 90's, and Max Light

Some Forces, Trainer 3's, Un-Union 180's, and Suns Pennys

Forgot one pair and here's a better pic of the Suns Penny

Jordan 20, 3's CG & Flips, Pennys, Sample Barry Sanders, St Pattys

Jordan V's Caro, and Womens 29.99 why not, and Raptor 7's

Couple of Bo Jacksons, Trainer 94's, Max 95, Jordan dtrt and Tour Yellow IV

Spiz'ikes, Rasheed Player Hi,s, Sb Dunk, and Jordan V's

Jordan 1's, Bo Jax Glow in the Dark & Highlighter, Black Cat J's, and UTT Trainer 94's

Jordan 9 low, Barry Zoom Turf, and Women Harbour Blue III

Jordan Olive VI and Skull & Bones 90's

Trainer Dunk, Matrix Force, China Force, Bo Jax

Pixie Force, Matrix Force and Jordan 10

Glue 90's, Sheed Force, NYC Force, Bo Jax, Womens Force

Max 180's, Jordan 12's, Deion Sanders, Asia Kobes

Trainer 94's, OG 97's, Ice Blazers, DTRT Spizikes

CB 34's, Womens 8's, XI's, Bo Jacksons

ABC 90's, GR 90's, and Some OG Pippens

Some 360's, Air Max 120's, and Bred 13's

Some new Bo Jax, Transformers, Huf 90's
wow that is some nice variety love the jays and the air maxes especially.
rap is like cocain if you want some heavy weight Iam yo man crime-mob cruked coke weight the same I cook it up I chop it up I do my thang watch me do my thang -Crime Mob
^^^ pays to get know people at sneaker spots and work at one every once in a blue moon :wink:
what tim said.........neva seen so many Trainer SC's in one place
I felt good only having 4.
nice variety! ive been looking for those white/red retro SC highs forever. lovin both grey 9s, jedi's, hyperflights, flightposites, unions and courirs.
looking for these in a 10-11
white/red patent air flight 89. FA exclusive (vnds-ds)
black/cement/red '99 retro 4s (nds-vnds)
black/cement 3s (vnds-ds)
black/royal penny 2 (vnds-ds)
Thanks for the comments...all my shoes are 11-12.5, none are for sale if I do ever have to get rid of my collection the only kicks I would keep would be the Bo Jackson(one of the greatest Nike lines imo)!
u wear most of those?? I wear a lot of my shoes, it's like I have a different pair of shoes to wear for everyday of the month, but there's some that i haven't worn in a long time, or some that I just like wearing more than others. Nice to see somebody here that buys that many shoes only to wear
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Wow...amazing collection. Love your trainer collection! Viotech's in 11.5 or 12? :wow:

Wanted: Air Trainer III sz.11-11.5
For Sale: Nike Air Max 1 Red (Mesh) sz.11 DS, Shox Stunners navy/silver VNDS and Zoom Flight 2k3 navy/silver VNDS both size 11
Flightposite III DS gold/black sz 11.5
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