My **Jordan Collection** A Decent Amount! All Worn

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Well, hello everyone this will be my first collection post. I really don't consider this a collection because I just buy what I like. I have been buying Jordans for a long time, to be honest that is about the only sneakers I really do buy like this but I might occasionally buy some Nike Air Force 1 Lows White/White of course. Without further a due the shoes. Also sorry about my crappy 1.3 Megapixel Fuji camera, I know it sucks.

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very nice collection and 13's :smokin
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Nice Infrareds and Grapes

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nice collection
nice infras!

but basicially we only have a good luck at the firts two rows of shoes (and in that row are two pairs of subzeros, not really my favorits) so maybe some better pics of some of your shoes

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Nice collection :smile:
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Quote:[hr][/hr]nice try and get us some of the back row closer up[hr][/hr]
ing from the 1s in the back, then with 3s,etc. Plus the real reason why I actually took these pictures was because I was selling some shoes on Ebay, so I just wanted bidders to know I'm serious about Jordans. It's almost like Airfob's picture of all those boxes in that room. Since I'm new (well not really I lost my password to my old user name, LOL.) I just wanted to contribute just trying stay active. Thanks again, for the comment.
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nice to see you wear them all..nice kicks.
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very nice collection.... nice 13's
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