my recent haircut

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Tell me what you think of my recent haircut. I got inspired to due the side the design from this one toy I saw from Kid Robot, and I kind of wanted to givea Kanye feel to it since i never got to rock shutter shades when they were in. I also wanted to do justice for sporting a mohawk; I didn't want to have oneof those "mini mohawks" anymore. It took me about 4-5 months to grow this out, and I got it done at South San Francisco. I'll post the linkbelow...For some reason I Kid Robot doesn't have it on there website anymore, but I googled a website that did.
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1,2,3 strikes that hair cut needs to get out of here(its late i know bad joke)....but cmon u serious?


formerly gsdoubleu
Joined Aug 31, 2007
you can not be serious.

Where in South S.F did you get this? So i can SMACK the !+!# out of the person who agreed to this
Joined Aug 4, 2004
I'm a barber and your I can tell your barber is very skilled for what you asked him to do.

But whatever floats your boat my man.... whatever floats your boat.

I just don't like that shutter glasses and that mexican mustache you tryna grow.
Joined May 1, 2009
let me post another haircut I got , but I got it like somewhere in 07'-08'... hopefully you guys will like it
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