My trip to Mexico Part II... Vol. Cancun

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Ok, I shared my trip to Puerto Vallarta last year, so i figured Id share my trip again this year. Hope you guys enjoy the pics.

Stayed at the same hotel, The Riu Palace. Cant get enough of this hotel, so Boss Richard Ross. This time it wasnt just my girl and I...We brought along her girlfriend and her girlfriend's boyfriend. Place was, of course, All-Inclusive...All we can eat and drink 24 hours free....Damn I love Mexico.

I must admit, most of these pics were taken for NT (mostly food pics)

Anywho...Enjoy familia

Thought these were neat, not gonna lie...

Welcomed in with a nice drink...and a little more..

Now this was our original view from our room...But we made sure we get a better one...You'll see later on...

Our first walk on the beach...Baby girl couldn't resist showing her excitement...

Now remember that hurting view we had? Well second day, we got switched to this...

First night of going out..

Pool time...

Our first night for dinner...

It was also my girl's friend's birthdays...They did a lil something nice for her....

After dinner....Party time...First stop Coco Bongo guy geeked hardddd...

Now I gotta give it up to my elderly son...He got up and danced wit one of the dancers...Boss

Place was mad packed...

Now the walk to Senor Frogs....

Your boy got tired, needed a relax a little..

Next day rained, didnt do much...Went to some big %%* mall in downtown Cancun...

On to the next night....Only pic I had getting ready for dinner...

More pool time....

Sh did it for the beasts...

Our last night...Gotta do it Richard Ross....

OK, now with no flash...

In the room kickin it...

Hahaha, you know your boy solving crosswords while my guy was trying to start a fire or something...He seemed to be playing with some sticky substance

Now, I took this pic last year...I had to do it again....Much love to Mexico, beautiful place with beautiful people. Hope to see it again.

Now last year....I didnt snap pics of all the delicious food we had to eat. This time, your boy made sure he got it all for the NT familia....Hope you guys enjoy as much as I did...

Buffet meals...

I made crack yall...Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup swirled around and shredded walnuts

Room service...

The real deal Holyfield...

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Dopeness on a stick. Nice pics.Need to go back to Cancun soon. How pricey was the hotel you stayed at?
Joined Aug 24, 2003
Originally Posted by JOE CAMEL SMOOTH

cute girl bro

wasnt a fan of cancun tho to be honest, cabo >
To be honest with you, before we booked the trip, all we were looking at was going to Cabo. Last minute changes made and my girl book ed this Cancun trip.

I believe the trip was no more than $1100 for those who were asking. 

I had to hold back on some pics tho, not NT...I mean MOD friendly...But glad you guys enjoyed.
Joined Jun 26, 2003
Looks like you guys had a good time, props. How much  did the trip end up costing you?

You know what waiter on the right was thinking (dat mass)
Joined Nov 17, 2007
i went like three years ago man it was fun ,i went with my girl at the time need to go back this time with my partners
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Looks like a cool trip. Your girl is NICE. Were you worried at all about the ongoing drug war?
Joined Dec 7, 2008
Very nice.. your girl is

Like other said, how much was the trip? How long did you stay?
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