NBA Bracket 2010 Playoffs

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My bracket is similar to last years with the absence of Houston, 76ers, Detroit. I predict a Miami sweep over the Celtics, not to many game 7's. Maybe 3-4 game winning shots.

As much as I hate to admit it, it's inevitable. Back to Back wins. I'll give credit where it's due, sure they mess up a lot, but they can recover fast with a Phil and an awesome coaching staff that can recognize the teams weakness. Plus how else can the NBA profit if the Lakers aren't on top? I can guarantee a dramatic gross loss during the 2005 NBA Playoffs....

Laker parade at the end, whoopty doo...

The only games worth watching is (Cleveland, Magics) (Lakers, Nuggets) (Hawks, Bucks) series. Non the less, this season has been the most exciting season that I've seen in the past decade.

I had to do this on illustrator, is there an NBA bracket online generator around worth using?
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Originally Posted by Baltimore


I really, really, really wish this was the case. . . in a perfect world this would be my bracket.

But reality kicked in and the my initial bracket is what I can best sum up. . .

If anything, and I mean anything.....Boston Wins a single game.  I'm a Celtics fan, believe me...But I think it's too late to gain any momentum. The beginning of the season was great for them, but as of late I think their demeanor is not attended for Playoff basketball. 

I don't want to see another Laker title. . .I can't stand the thought of Vujacic/Walton/ Farmar owning another ring while Barkley, Stockton and Ewing never had theirs. . .

So no word on any NBA online bracket generators??? I can only find NCAA ones.

Also, does anyone see any upsets happening? For me a tragic event would be 2nd round Cavs vs Miami with Miami winning. And Suns over Mavericks.
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Boston getting swept

Come on man. We swept the Heat when we were apathetic and had no Pierce or no KG in 2 of the games.

Bucks w/Bogut or Bulls would've given us issues, but the Heat simply don't match up with us very well. Why do you think their organization tried to tank to get the Hawks?
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I posted mine in the NBA offseason thread. i cant wait to come back and look for this once the first round completely ends.

the infamous

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Originally Posted by imperialh8

The only games worth watching is (Cleveland, Magics) (Lakers, Nuggets) (Hawks, Bucks) series.

and you have boston getting swept?

whats wrong with you?
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Excited for the first round

Off Topic: As far as professional sports, NBA has the best playoff system. Best records getting in, regardless of who wins the division
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heres my first round picks.

Eastern Conference

1. Cavs vs 8. Bulls If Toronto in the first round it woulda been a 4 game sweep with each game being a blowout. The Bulls will play them tough and take a game. Cavs in 5

2. Magic vs 7. Bobcats Playoff basketball in Charlotte for the first time in 8 years, to bad its going to be a quick trip Magic in 4

3. Hawks vs 6. Bucks If Bogut didn't get hurt this would be my upset pick. Bucks will make this series interesting though. Hawks in 6

4. Celtics vs 5. Heat. Series goes the full 7 games with home court advantage holding up all series long. Winner of this series gives Cleveland a serious run for their money in round 2 Celtics in 7

Western Conference

1. Lakers vs 8. Thunder Thunder are better then the average playoff team and having a guy like Durant gives them a shot but their inexpierence and lack of size will show. They make this series tough but the Lakers win Lakers in a tough 5

2. Mavs vs 7. Spurs Had the Spurs got anyone other then Dallas or the Lakers in the first round I would pick the upset. Spurs have played good lately but Dallas isn't going out early.
Mavs in 6

3. Suns vs 6. Blazers You can make an argument that the Suns have been playing the best ball in the league since the All Star break. This will be a quick series and 16 years after Grant Hill got drafted in 1994, he finally will see playoff action outside for the first round.
Suns in 5

4. Nuggets vs 5. Jazz The Nuggets are right there for the picking, with George Karl out, this team has been losing games they shouldn't lose and has looked beatable at times. I got the Jazz taking this series after splitting the first 2 in Denver.
Jazz in 6
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Originally Posted by vctry20

Excited for the first round

Off Topic: As far as professional sports, NBA has the best playoff system. Best records getting in, regardless of who wins the division
Agreed. Now only if they could not have the worst refs in all of pro sports.


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Boston could be swept Heat are 3-0 against them this season and the NBA is where amazing happens.
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A disagree with your bracket OP... Boston will not get swept,
and Denver will beat LA and eventually Cleveland
in the Finals...
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