Nov 26, 2006
orlando fans do u really think u stand a chance with the Lake show? I'll give yall 1 game maybe....but let's be real yall are in trouble...and somebodybetter tell stan van gundy that putting that rookie or that frenchie out on an island with Mr. Bryant is a BAD IDEA!

at least he knows the truth about his team...
amazing performance by the real MVP..gotta give credit to where it's due. i know somewhere in new york lebron is taking notes
a win is a win

but dont start that NO CHANCE BS

la collapses like the rest of em

kobe had man had 16

we had a horrible nite shooting. i doubt that we'll have a horrible series shooting

***putting anyone out there on kobe is a bad idea***
The Magic were outclassed yesterday. Their problem is going to be hitting those jumpers and keeping Howard on the floor. If the Magic shoot like they didagainst the Cavs, they will be tough for LA to beat.

At the end of the series though, Kobe will be getting sized for his pinky finger; Odom will be taking the gummy ring off and replacing it with a real one andPhil Jackson will be putting this new one on his left middle finger, subsequently raising it to the sky and pointing it at Red Auerbach.
What up solefood.

I personally could care less who wins (my team didn't even make the playoffs). I just think the Lakers will win it.
Let's goooooo!!!! The Magic played terribly but you guys gotta remember the Lakers didn't even play at their best. I'm not sure if they'll losea game in this series. Definitely not in LA
I thought "jupeezy" would have started a post last night.


I saw this coming... AFTER the fact.

Yeah, brag about a series y'all should win, and it's still going 6 games atleast.

Just call this the "KG was hurt" ring for y'all bammas.


Like I have room to talk, Go WIZ!
Not a fan of either team but would like to see Magic take it...

but if Orlando keeps playin like they did last night, doubt this will happen

we played horribly. no one was hitting shots. too much PT for Jameer too soon which killed Skip's confidence.

I doubt we have another game that awful.

Originally Posted by LakersRock20901

We'd win this ring against ANYONE else in the league
ur jokin right...

once ur pg is exploited GOOD NITE

bigs are suspect

but when they come to play they come to play

7 games against anyone...i dont know about that

whuddup scotch
if the lake show brings their A game NO ONE is seeing them...i'm sorry....and I will give u the PG thing bcuz i dont like d fish....but you have to realizeall the matchup problems the Lakers cause....not to mention they strap up on D
The Lakers playing defense is a key to their victory. that will be the difference between them winning and the Cavs losing that series. The Lakers can winstraight off the back of Kobe if they play D.
the hate needs to stop LOL! Lake show go up 2-0....Courtney Lee blew the game....LOL! and the vets stepped up and did what was needed to win tonite....big gamefrom Gasol....
Lee didn't blow the game. The rook almost converted a hell of an attempted with .06 left

Now, if you want to talk about almost blowing a game, mention the wide open Trevor and Fisher Kobe refused to pass to before that possession.

But, I'll let you tell it...

LOL! i was talking about that yesterday....Kobe had LO in one corner, D Fish in the other and ariza on the opposite wing...he should have kicked it to LOIMO....but hey sometimes he tries to do TOO much....either way with tough D down the stretch they pulled it out....
I don't see how people say Lee blew the game?

his first layup as he was releasing, he was getting bodied

and then on the out of bonds play was from like 30 ft out and he was drifitng out of bounds and not to mention he has to catch it over Pau

Point being they were shots he could of made, but they weren't that simple were they should be consider him blowing the game
he blew the game IMO...tough shots but they're still gimmes...ur gonna get touched or "bodied" coming across the lane thats no secret so thatsnot an excuse, u take the hit and finish...and floating out or not u had a chance and didn't finish....but Orlando needs to win tonite or u can pretty muchget that reynolds out LOL!

Check the overtime period again.

If anyone "blew" anything, its J.J. Redick.

He saved the rest of his minutes from going to Johnson with that "save a career" lay-up drive to the hole...

My predicted "x-factor" ain't come through...
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