Need Help With An English Paper!

Jun 17, 2007
NT, I need your help!

I have to choose a topic, or some kind of article to debunk.

For those that don't know...

Debunk - To expose or ridicule the falseness, sham, or exaggerated claims of

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Does it matter if the article was debunked at a later time? Because if it doesn't than Google one of the original WMD in Iraq articles.
Originally Posted by SNEAKERKING757

^ Thanks, but what do you mean by "Easy Mode" and "Hard More"?
Easy is as in you dont have to looked EVERYWHERE in small details plus alot of material on it.

Hardmore its a challenge cause small details mean alot
^ Oh ok, I got you.

Thanks, I appreciate it miles.

I don't think there's a way I can debunk Swine Flu...
^ College.

I found a great article on WMD in Iraq that I'm going to use.

Thanks again to those that helped!
Am I missing something?
nah. no worries. my comment had less to do with the thread but rather the subjectivity of a reply. (as a general case and in one specificallyalready.)

anyhow, gl w/ your paper.
^ Thanks.

Looks like I may need a little more help...

I need to find an article where Bush is actually talking about his reasons (which were obviously false) for going to war with Iraq.
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