NEED REAL ARTISTS, Looking for a Jordan or Sneaker Tattoo...

Oct 7, 2003
I want a one of kind tattoo design or creative idea. I seen some of the pics you guys posted and i really like some. I actually have 3 different options im going for, the 1st is the jordan idea. I want something that incorporates the jordan symbol but i dont want it to be plain. 2nd a design of jordan shoes iii-xiii, just one shoe only not all of them. 3rd is kind of off the subject, but i want a christian tattoo, something like a angel but i want the vi's on her feet or it can be a plain angel or a artistic looking jesus, i just wanted to be different he can even have on jordans! I just wanted to challenge you guys and have a one of a kind design of a tattoo and when I get it done i'll post it on the site. Thanx in advance.
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