NEW 2008 JB INFO: 11 New Packs**UPDATE 7/12 PG.1**

Mar 28, 2004

THIS LINK leads to Info on the first three pairs of XX3 slated to release, including the Limited $230 "TOP 23" pairSo Far This is How it's Looking for 2008:January

01/19/2008 Air Jordan Countdown Pack 1 (X & XIII)
*Will Also Be Available in Gradeschool Sizes*
xxxxxx-xxx X Retro Black/Dark Shadow-True Red; XIII Retro White/Black-True Red
$210.00 (Gradeschool) White/Black-Red

AJ XX3(TOP23) White/University Blue-Grey

AJ XX3 White/Metallic Silver/Black-Red

AJ XX3 Black/Silver/Varsity Red

03/15/2008 Air Jordan Countdown Pack 2 (IX & XIV)
xxxxxx-xxx IX Retro White/Black-True Red; XIV Retro Black/White-True Red
$310Just wanted to share that in 2008, Jordan Brand will start to release a slew of Jordans, most in their original color scheme, in packages. Now the unique thing here is that the packages will consist of models that their number will equal 23.EDIT: I will edit this topic and my first post with other information that was shared by other folks that chimed in with a share of what they know in addition to mines:

jmadidas2001:Not talk/ is confirmed...the Black/Red VIII's ARE COMING out 12.22.07...

The Black/Red XVs ARE COMING OUT and will more than likely be online only (in the US)...

RockDeep:Check that 11 packs. Confirmed.

FLIPJAYS:I was at the meeting today and everything that was put on hear by Brim, PO and everybody else is TRUE. I did see the clothing for the 10/13 package and 14/9 package along with the Melo 4, CP signature shoe, XX3 Shoe. The box for the XX3 will be something special from what I was told today.


1st to drop the bomb.

Good Looks on sharing this info first.

I don't think there is anything else I can add.

FLIPJAYS:Can we say Quickstrikes?

RockDeep:Man.. the BIG news MANY might LOVE to hear has YET to be told. Which is surprising. Hell even Baby J didn't leave a hint.

All I can say to those who are peeved there MIGHT be a shoe you don't want sold with a shoe you DO with. Enjoy both you have.

Although...look for the remix next year...... Talk about the 2nd Coming. WILL be 2 shoe packs, just like the DMP...

First one is in January...

Black/Shadow Grey-Red Jordan X and White/Black XIII

Something from BabyJ, take it as you wish:

BabyJordan0312:White/Red XII & SpaceJam XI


Makes me wonder........... :wink:

(Good "combination," Sean :smile:

jmadidas2001:General Release has been used as a term to describe a style that is AVAILABLE to all retailers (as apposed to L'Style) and NOT referring to quantity or availabilty nationally...

All retailers that carry Retro Jordan's will be allowed to purchase these from Nike...but, DON'T EXPECT retailers to put them anywhere BUT their very best stores...

LIMITED General Release would best describe the Countdown Packs..


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XIII and a X? If the price and colors are right then it's a must have.
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wow... :smh:

if this is true, i bet the packages would be +300 dollars...that comes with stupid messenger and tote bags lol :x
so i guess every "package" release is gonna run $250 + ???
but to be honest, if the colorways aren't some bo-bo, i'd be buying them individually any way.
if this i true then that means..... XIV and VIII..... XIX and IV will release. i think they will go for $200-300
I think is just great, the idea has a good background to it
I would buy it if it was X and XIII
thanks for the info but I feel attaq, stop with the packages already
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man i getta feeling everyone is going to get what they want they puttin TO MANY releases in one time no one can afford all of this where i live :lol:
neither can i :rolleyes
, and thats a good thing all i need a couple bills :evil:
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Lets look at the possibilities...

22 and 1 (alpha & omega??)
21 and 2
20 and 3
19 and 4
18 and 5
17 and 6
16 and 7
15 and 8
14 and 9
13 and 10
12 and 11

i like the 12's & 11's and 17's & 6's :pimp:

IIIs + XXs? IVs + XIXs? |I

I better get some package with 5 pairs of IVs and 1 pair of IIIs or some @#%$, 'cause this isn't sounding too promising.

XIs + XIIs I'm straight with, and maybe as well as Xs + XIIIs... but that's it as a package.

September 30, 2006:

The day I only began to realize how stupid this is...
great idea.

whole lot of money.

lets hope i land this job i am applying for today! :smile:


cant wait for sum pics to surface
peep the ebay auctions, seller id: Aint_I_Man

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well BRIM said it so it must be solid.....

And just when i thought 08 was going to be good... this happens...

X +XIII in og colors .......sounds like a must have...

IX + XIV .. we'll see what colors they go with

VI + XVII ... instant cop

XI + XII .. well that sounds good...

come to think of these might now be so bad as long as they aren't new DTRT hypebeast colors.. and as long as they are not LS

this is going to be interesting
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it would be awesome if in the xiii+X package, the x's are the chicago colorway. I have a feeling it is. What other og colorway would they come out with that has meaning? And for the xiii's i think its the white/black/red too. This should be a pretty hot package. but not for 500.
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21 and 2
20 and 3
19 and 4
18 and 5
17 and 6
16 and 7
15 and 8
14 and 9
13 and 10
12 and 11

I would def. like to see some of those in a package with the right colorway.
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