New Bape Roadsta...FRESHHHHHH

Dec 16, 2003
most people hate on Bape now that it's no longer a hypebeast brand but I still rock their kicks...

I'm feeling these big time


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not bad at all....they need to lose all the willy woka color combos and drop some simple stuff for a change. These are :pimp:
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I personally like the Roadsta as a shoe, but this color is hideous IMO...reminds me of those AM1's that came out like 2 years ago :x
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i really like them.

wonder if my boy still works at the bape store. employee discount is :pimp:

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^ are you saying that bc they arent bright and flashy?

IMO these are the perfect fall shoe, that's why i'm picking them up

just bought a pair from Pondon
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I would rock the bejesus out of those! Looks like casual, yet semi-dressy, and I could definitely get away with those at work.

And areyouin, I always assumed you were an Incubus fan b/c of your name. Am I wrong?

EDIT: One last thing...any word on the comfort of the Roadstas? I have never tried a pair on.

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And areyouin, I always assumed you were an Incubus fan b/c of your name. Am I wrong?

nope you are 100% correct, that is where I got my name, im a huge Incubus fan

Thats why I bought them, all the reasons you said, i could def. wear these at work and be ok

they are a perfect fall shoe

Roadstas are pretty comfy
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they coping a US brand called Red Wings. Bape also used this design on one of the bapesta before.
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^ i kno they look like red wings but I wouldnt say they were the originators of that design either
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the other two colourways are better, the tan ones and the blacks. Might pick some up if i get the chance.
Since when did it stop being a Hypebeast Brand?........

I still see Ninjas rockin it like its Brand new like dudes haven't been on it since 99-01
areyouin729, if you don't mind me asking... how much did those set you back... i'm thinkin about bitin and gettin a pair myself
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they were $200, im actually listing them on ebay bc they are a bit big on my feet, I usually wear an 8.5 in Roadstas but went with the 9
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love the perforated toe box. the shoe design is pretty hot. i just hate maroon though, maybe a Black on White combo? (No Mr.Marcus) :nerd:
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