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Apr 10, 2010
Lemme just get this rolling real quick before I start my day and get off this weak @%% PC... I know ya'll been writing, right?

Me just growing up and changing...
The Man I was

If I could get a pint with the man I was.. Like,
Chill a night with the man I was?!
Split a **** with the man I was?!
I wouldn't, cuz......I ain't.. the man I was..

Inspired by a damn good Saturday 2 weeks ago

Finding My Mojo

She said don't rhyme..... I said %%*@ it..
She also said "maybe".. lately, I love it
I do it like the opposite of doesn't..
It is what it is, but it isn't if we rush it.... so I won't..

I think I lov-- wait a minute, no I don't..
Slow the stroke? %%*@ that, GO FOR BROKE!
Whoooooa.. I think it's raining on my overcoat..
Mami real dope, on the low I'm bout to overdose..

She be pulling on my beater so you know we close..
I'm with that late round knock out - rope-a-dope
MAN DOWN...dopest dope I ever stroked..
She fresh to DEAF hands down, like we never spoke

She was holding on my dreads as her levy broke..
That's the super dome *!%% she ain't ready for..
I do my grown man low... I bet she choke..
And I'ma drown in her flood if she let me go..

Oh *!%%, what time is it?
flexing on rhyme schemes for no reason...
I'm just writing for the hell of it..
Living for the sight of it and dying for the smell of it
Trying for a little bit and frying my intelligence
Quitting for I start and b!tching, crying in irrelevance
And lying in the evidence... tie it all together
It's applying what I've never, since I'm tired of just settling
And peddling in place, and face it I ain't in my element
If I ain't in my residence.. I reside solely
In a Sony or an Ericson.. Panasonic too
New wide eyed Rilla, no panoramic view
True I see it and I say it- but my doing it is proof
And my fetish for these Taylors got me suited for the coupe
And I'm fly so I flew... double up my "Coo"..
Trouble up my sleeve, PLEEEEEASE bubble up my brew!
Trees bundled up in lieu of things mothers wanted -
Due To teams huddled up in blue and red running up and - ooooooh..
Damn... Shoulda covered up his roost..
Sleeping in the open get you got, @++# you not.. like...
Pissing pot, listen Ockie, THIS karate
Kick BACK.. "eff" wax, Mister, and Ms. Miyagi....copy?
Papi.. just meet me in the lobby..
Beat me to a body and just greet me with a shotty
If it's beef we getting broccoli, noodles on the sly, shhhh...
Who you gonna ride with and poodles on ya side %+#@%?
Try shhhh, I got BIG homies that's 5'6''..
Think it's bout my size.. shhhhhhhhh... I'm a BOTTOM SIDE pit!
Homicide vic- made, %+#@%-made cat..
Quick! Shave with a slick switchblade jack.....

Life Lessons

When the LIKE goes away.. and you traded in the joy
And the sleep says "%%*@ it!" and the hatred is deployed
And the "#%$%#+%" and the "#*!!" out of anger, which destroy
All the "Baby-s" and the "Honey-s" -- get you, Boooooooooy...

Good luck.

When the sex gets spoiled
Cuz the ++%%% ain't wet or the @+%! ain't loyal
And the looks ain't "Love".. ya'll lookin like strangers...
Baby girl, watch out..


Immaturity is loud, when you can't hear solutions
And you yell and you fight, the emotional bruises
Last longer than the scars, when your heart is so abusive
But you wanna stay..


When you love her and you know it and the picture is in focus
But you hurt her as a youngin just from living in the moment
But today you're more than grown it's just a matter if she knows it
When it seems hopeless,


But when all else flops, and she tells you go to hell
And you hurt and you wail and you put it on a scale
And your "wait" is too much, at last, you may have failed..

Well... Give up.

I've been performing this for a few weeks now... I always get warm receptions

Being Me

I quit being pissed off but I ain't find happiness
The same *!%% I dread be the *!%% that make me happiest
I grew my hair out cuz when *!%%'s at its nappiest
You can find STRENGTH in the roots of a champion
A couple dreads fell off.. Some won't grow right...
A few rolled so tight..SO life... I know rii?
So like, I'm just blowin on the dro like... Inhale, exhale
Inhaaaaaaale......and go write..
Never went left.. more the folk type
Never bench press -- STRONG minded!
.. gym mine inside it!
Don't mind the diamonds, here's another jewel:
A fool is more than fine with, dressing for the weather
The ambitious rather address the climate... Exhale!
You won't understand me.. I am not today
I'm the past's future.... okay? It's complicated...
I'd rather be tolerated than nominated
Listened to, un-imprisoned by what the glisten do
The chains and the various strains and chemicals
If word is bond then RELEASE me to silence
Peace be to violence in general
Don't be religious, be spiritual
Inhale..Exhale.... set sail..
Away from set bails and Nextels..
A place no planes, Jets, Giants, or Mets dwell
Tech Hell... population me..
Occupation: Poet/ Prodigy/ Hip-Hopperee
In the capitol of my mind state -- L'Botomy
The crime-rate and botany's gotta cease, honestly..
I could see it if my mayor isn't G,
But he is, but my Id got my ego big as me...
And she love my big ego.. I guess that's what it be
So I'm just being me..
I'm just being me...
I'm just being me..

aight..that's all for now. Hopefully ya'll got that good *!%% for me when I get back.. Later... Hate away haters
If you're writing to perform, I'd suggest posting your performances up. It might give us a better understanding of what you were trying to do with your writing. Definitely appreciated the last piece you put up though. I personally enjoy seeing people's poems that talk about themselves...kinda interesting to see the directions they go and style of writing they use on a personal piece.
When I finish compiling these projects I'm working on, I'ma post up vids, free downloads, and all that.. till then
All my full ones are on my IPod notes for some reason. I have a note book filled with half assed *%$+ though. I'll go with that since I dont feel like typing to much.
Before, when you came around she forced negligence, now she lets out moans of pain in your remembrance, in your mind your long forgotten, they just don't remember *%$+, but not her.

I speak your truths, but mines I tend to bottle, cause like them at times my pride I cant swallow

We all contain the fear of being lonely, I smile in front of company hoping they won't expose me, fearing if they see the truth, they'll claim I've changed and miss the old me,so I build up these walls to reinstate they'll never know me

I wish I never met her, just like in that song, when everything is right, it still just seems wrong, like we just don't belong.....Now lets go get some bbq and get busy

Won't even answer her texts anymore
She call, I won't pick up
I've hurt her more than once before
I hurt her this time for you
I shouldn't have to choose
Hate tearing out hearts
Fiddling with emotions like a violinist
There was no bow, I'm no cupid
How was I suppose to know
That I'd fall for her and forget you
Sweep you under the rug like yesterday's news
We could never be, yet I wanted to keep it
In the end, I became indifferent
Promise you the world one night
The next, trying to forget you with all my might
We had a history and I always ran
Could not stand using you, abusing you
So I tried to be a better man to her
Now I feel like you, even worse
Everyone’s waiting in line
And dieing their hair
Lets go to the beach
took you once
Promised these eyes would stay the same
Only for you
To hate forever
The devil made me perfect
You’ll never win
When night came and you rose
to fall with the storm
I don’t want to know what you are
It’s a true story
Based on fact
Not feelings
I never used those
That’s my way out
And I won’t let you in
Blue was never your color
Well, look at you now
Empty and full of stories
Some poetry..some not.

Full Circle

This is new..besides this week I haven't wrong in a long time.

sittin' here broken wristed, for once not twisted.

so my thoughts have shifted,

drifted, far enough to realize that I am gifted.

don't need to be high, or live life lifted.

 but I do because, I've got itches, and urges,

I binge and purge with my words,

 binge smoke to calm my nerves,

trying to come clean with myself,

 your crazy thoughts could haunt ya,

trying to come clean with myself,

 and eliminate the monster,

i'm here again, for a time there was some distance..

but when I let my mind roam, I find home, and I've got to say I missed it.

call me crazy, I wouldn't doubt it,

 clear thoughts are rare, but today i'm not clouded. 

life...I don't know too much about it,

I just know it can be a beautiful thing,

 if allow it.'s hard to put into words,

even harder into action,

 gotta gain my footing, gotta gain my traction,

gotta plan for the future, no looking back-in

..the sands of time, just pick up the pen and rhyme

 and wonder how I got here, and wonder how i'll get there,

 not wonder if life's fair all day, 

that'll just make all my hair turn grey.

It's my instinction, to show distinction,

people need people,

just think.. if we don't link,

we'll be on the brink of extinction!

I'm just here trying to nuture the soul,

take care of the body,

before i'm too old,

and crosswords become my hobby.

I'm just here, trying to steer clear of the lure of expenditures, 

before i'm too old and a connoisuer of types of dentures,

I'm just here to enjoy the little things, the finer things,

I look past the diamond rings...

then I froze,

to apprehend the stem,

raise the rose to nose, because..

I suppose.. this could be me after I decompose.

Here's some really old stuff! Probably like two years old..oh man lol


I sit under a tree, full of light, full of glee.
For you I still don't see, but you are here in memory.

I sit on top of a cloud, not nine, not a smile, not a frown.
Just a song I sing aloud, my eyes fixed on the ants, searching for you in the crowd.

Now, I sit on top of my throne, high and mighty, happy alone.
I don't wish for you, not even for a clone or for you to ever come home.

For if you flew back, as pretty as a dove
and I knew that, our hearts fit as perfect as a glove, 
even if you hit me and you shoved, 
I would tell you, 
I've forgotten how to love.

[table][tr][td][table][tr][td]Breakfast, for one.[/td][/tr][/table][/td][td][/td][/tr][tr][td][table][tr][td] [/td][td]I dream of you, it's a pain to awaken.
I grab the 
eggs then I grab the bacon.
I grab a pot then I grab a pan.
Just to imagine, i'm grabbing your hand.
I reach for the 
milk, high on the shelf.
I cook for you, and no one else.

I grab the bread and I grab the butter.
All to serve you, in bed, under covers.
I feed you slowly, I kiss you the same.
If only this was real, damn you my brain.

I clean the glass and I clean the plate.
I think of my past and I clean my slate.
It's time I stop being stuck in the past.
I clean my hands of this romance. 
I would really like some feedback on this, pretty short.....

Artificial smile face never glow

No one knows how I torture myself on the low

silly thoughts and high expectations

selfish mentality are my creation

wondering in the dark will I ever change 

no new progression destined to be the same.
I mean death's got to be easy cause life is hard
so why not now then wait for later on.
You know what I mean? Maybe you don’t
because nobody has lost so much fu@!@ hope.

You know I feel like dying
alone and crying.
Have nobody that cares
this shhh isn’t rare.
this shhh isn’t new
this shhh got me blue
this shhh got me sad
this shhh got me mad.

This is something you’ll laugh at later on
But I don’t laugh at things that go wrong.
This shhh might me a joke to everyone else
But no to me this is just a farewell.

You know I never ever thought I wanted to die
But it came to this day when I'm ready to fly.
Fly with the angels or crawl with the devil
All I know is that I’m ready to let go of this fable.

I thought at first it was just in my head
But now I know I’ll be gone instead
I tried to talk, I tried to listen
But none of that matters
So I'm giving my life kisses.
Kisses goodbye kisses farewell
What the **#! was I thinking
Writing this poem
This shhh is ridiculous
This shhh is annoying
This shhh is stupid
This shhh is crazy
Where the fu@!# is cupid?
Where the fu!@# is this ni$# when you need some love
Where the f#@!is this ni@@ when you need a hug?
Shoot me with your arrow and shoot her too
So that she can fall in love and tell me I love you.
Maybe then I’ll reconsider my days in this world.
Till now ill rest in peace alone without my girl.
There (but not Present)

It grips me and renders me an invalid
I can't eat, sleep, or breathe
Sometimes I even have to scream
Let it all out before it consumes me
It's been six days, seven hours and some odd minutes
This week has left me weak
Left me reaching out for a glimmer
Of hope and opportunity
Feels like I'm in hell, with no relief
No one to quench my thirst for sanity
Even god seems like vanity
Out to get me
How could I be perfect yet you not even want me?
I go over that in my mind to no avail
I feel like I won't prevail
Will continue to wear the veil
And not see that maybe you're not right for me
I don't even believe me
How could I when before my eyes I saw the reality
Of you and I and three babies
There are no maybes
I won't accept this harsh reality
I know that it's only temporary
That you'll again be my sanctuary
My refuge, my fortess, my confidant in which I'm confident
And I your man above all men
Until the end
Or at least until it's no longer pretend

Just the right blanket I need
When it's too cold to sleep
I can warm up to your sheets
Under your diction and syntax become cozy
Woe is me for loving thee
Searching for context clues and different moods
Parables, allegories, and allusions
Confused when the protagonist doesn't win
And tragedy begins to seep in
No one knows my undying affection
Some call it a good book
I call it a lesson in life, an ongoing discovery
Re-discovering the plot, setting, and summary
Whenever the urge hits
Oh how I'm addicted
Bestsellers, memoirs, fantasy, fiction
Diaz, Rowling, Gruen
Oscar, Harry, Mary
Start the fire and watch the timber inspire
Inquire about the main characters or the supporting cast
How long will this last?
And bam a twist of epic proportions
Keeps the pages turning and the fire inside burning

so all alone
until i met you
never felt this way
never saw the light
illusion and reality combined
you left me unsatisfied
everytime we spoke
i couldnt help it
that all ended
because of you
things came together in limbo
all was good
we were happy
we were so in love
nothing could separate us
in our minds

(2nd part .. read it in reverse. from the last line upwards)
Be careful where you walk,
You underage, he's gonna stalk,
At the gym,, or the park,
Be on the lookout for Mr. Niketalk

somebody post a pedo's pic

I wish I could undo the past month
It's been nothing but bumps
Bruises, contusions, illusions
I didn't even think that would happen
To me
Of all people
Two wrongs don't make a right
And it feels like I've been left to dry
Don't know my left from my right
I admit my plight was my own doing
Thought I was doing it right
I was the only one I was fooling
Walked out on the job without notice
Now I'm broke and there seems to be no hope
So everyday I sit and mope, hoping the phone will ring
Hoping I can hit ctrl + z
Knowing that it only makes me stronger
But I no longer want strength
I just want a will to live
Nothing in life is guaranteed
My life seems like a parody
Left asking for charity
Couldn't cherish what I had
Now I'm wishing on a star
Hoping an airplane can carry me
Back to the past
"Every child has known God, Not the God of names, Not the God of don’ts, Not the God who ever does Anything weird, But the God who knows only 4 words. And keeps repeating them, saying: “Come Dance with Me , come dance.
I just read through everyone's... much props, good work yall.

Sue E. Side
I know shes lost
barely talks cuz her mind is sad
screaming drown my tears in dimetapp
suicidal in the morning
never snoring.. a light sleeper
disgusted by life but she still fights the reaper
shes got a sickle of her own
in her own home shes foreign
pouring 'till the cup is flooded
just like her soul
eyes blacker than coal
skin paler than ghosts
smokes when shes nervous
swears her purpose was misplaced
absent from safe
shes one mistake away
of realizing she's mortal sinner... just like us
but her love is thinner than turnpike dust
never lust
not love
she can't fathom the emotion
so she keeps floating
comatose without devotion
her adjuration has her waiting
but ambition is all
so she falls from her conscious
'till her condition is hauled
barely flawed... however, shes miles from perfect
rarely surfaces
but onces in a while
she grips the fact
that shes merely a child

she sips the time and escapes hour
sits in her mind and relates to higher powers
but shes drowsy from drinking
so she abbreviates her thinking
an idle mind is the devils work
she writes the apocalypse
and hums armageddon
but when i read the heading
it was entilted "my wedding"
In the event of my demise
when my heart can beat no more
I hope I die for a princeple
Or a belief that I have lived for
I will die before my time
Beacause I feel the shadow's depth
So much I wanted to acomplish
Before I reached my death
I have to come to grips with the possibility
And wiped the last tear from my eyes
I loved all who were positive
In the event of my demise

Not over, under, or through you

Since I know you'll read this
I'm writing this note just for you
You have no idea what you've put me through
The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows
No one knows but you and I
How high I felt when I see you melt
When the words escape my mouth
And I just grin with a big kool aid smile
I wish that I could have been better for you
I don't know how, but I do
Maybe you just don't know
Or you just don't care
Or you've given up long ago
Or you didn't even try
Or you just decided one day to say bye bye
Or you didn't want to deal with the agony
Of abandoning me
Knew I wouldn't say goodbye
Knew I didn't even want to try
But something tugged at your heart
You decided it was best that we depart
I don't think it was best but you said your part
I think you just saw the future for what it was
What it is, a place where we hope for the best
Where we yearn, upon where we'll reflect
I had my mind made up
Was just waiting for the right time
It never came
I'm not to blame, I guess you are
I'm been so stupid and lame
Wearing glasses and still unable to see
But I don't have to see what I can feel
What I know is real
I'll always give myself, wholeheartedly
If it results in another broken heart, so it be
I can't imagine spending my life, halfheartedly
With someone who gave their all to me
Who knew what they were facing and went on, faithfully
Maybe my actions were predicated on your decision
Maybe not, don't worry about me
Just know that it's going to take a lot
To get you out of me
And even then there will still be remnants
Even the air will bring remembrance
Of the times we shared
When you weren't influenced by anything
And you really cared
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