next batch of adidas for tmac, gil, kg, etc (TS) *PICS*

Dec 2, 2006
just got these pics from adidas' survey. they said these were only concept designs.












The top two are most likely going to be a team model. Maybe another version of the superstars. The top one is pretty much the midtop version of the one below. Other than the lowtop, I really don't plan on copping any of these shoes. Their just so typical adidas you know? And adidas, I love you guys, but please be more adventurous with your designs!!!
Those are renderings right? Man it's like they got some ol-school promodels and slapped a design on em for variety and for selling slap a name of one of their big time endorsers on there what a waste, hoping they're just team shoes smh.......
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the lows and the garnetts are alright but those mids at the top are straight up nasty
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Wow, my man Agent Zero gets the best Adidas sig for a second consecutive year.....And he didn't even get to play in the Playoffs....makes you wonder if Adidas is scared of giving him a mediocre shoe...

I want to fall in love with those Gil-20's but please stop putting 3 stripes down the midfoot of EVERY adidas shoe in the history of the brand.

You know what attracted me to Gils this year? The 3 stripes were used as a design cue that wrapped the heel...something different...please switch it up on these 20's, cause they look pretty good otherwise.
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I want to fall in love with those Gil-20's but please stop putting 3 stripes down the midfoot of EVERY adidas shoe in the history of the brand. is in FULL effect. check it out every week for new updates
Wow, I hope those aren't the Gil-2's/Gil-20's, because that would be a serious letdown from the successful Gil-Zero.
"i heard that only gilbert arenas will have his own shoes.. but these pics made me think otherwise.. "

According to those renderings, both the first and second sneakers are TS (Team Signature) kix. They both feature the TS logo. The third seems to be a KG not related to the TS line. I am inclined to assume that these are either early renderings, or, renderings of potential TS sneakers. I dont know what to think about the KG though because he is supposed to be part of the TS line.

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I'm pretty sure those aren't the Gil 20's...

First two are both another TS model for the season. There will be several different models. I have seen a couple, but I am not sure which ones are staying or being canceled. As JM stated, beginning of season, all star game, then possibly playoffs are the time periods in which the newer models will be worn.

Again those aren't the Gil 20's, just a low cut version of the TS sneaker, TMac's is a mid.

Those Garnetts are another TS sample, as you can see TEAM SIGNATURE written on the toe gem.

The performance of the TS line is GREAT.
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I want to fall in love with those Gil-20's but please stop putting 3 stripes down the midfoot of EVERY adidas shoe in the history of the brand.

I have always agreed with you on that...and also the same reason why I liked the gil-zero's...
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Not impressed at all.

I think they're trying to hard to re-invent a classic line. I understand the 3 stripes down the middle is a signature for the brand, but it's tired. I mean we get it. You're the brand with 3 stripes.

At least place them somewhere else.
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Wow, I may have to start buying shoes without a swoosh on them again.
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First ones look like the ZKI.
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I like the 3stripe design, it's a classic and I don't fault them for using it.

that said, all those sneaks look like half azzed pimped out versions of superstars and pro-models. not impressed.
I took that survey about a week ago and i didn't even realize what they were
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