next wale???? to rep dc thoughts?

Joined Oct 17, 2000
[N.W.A., intro before "Real N'" on original "110 Miles And Runnin' " EP]

"Yo man...
It's a gang of mutha***** out there
on  the d*** man...
In every mutha******* state...

Wanna be like
Wanna look like
Wanna act like
Wanna dress like
Wanna sound like

Style stealing, clone *%#, WALE, bitting *** mutha****** everywhere man.

Non-reality seeing
Non-reality feeling
Non-reality living *%# mutha****** man.

I dunno man..."

Joined Oct 9, 2006

Someone go find the rules of the MD/DC/VA Forum regarding the term "Next Wale" or "Next (insert already 'known' rapper's name)"

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