NFL Week 10 In Review...

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  1. S4L


    Jan 31, 2007
    Post your observations from Week 10...

    -Disappointed in Dez yesterday. Romo won't be able to do it all when he's back. Defense played good enough to win.

    -When the Packers were winning, I heard nothing about Jordy and the play-calling. Now that losses are happening, everyone is saying Rodgers needs Jordy and McCarthy back. Funny how NT works. No one mentions Rodgers shaky pocket presence and his inability to lead his team back. 0-26 when down two scores in the second half.

    -Maybe ODB should warm up catching with two hands for a change.

    -Seahawks at home are no longer a threat to anyone.

    -New QB, same results in Philly. We see you out there too Hammy Austin. #chipthegm

    -Dumervil with the clown move of the week.

    -Big Ben made that look easy. That was the craziest part.

    -Raiders legit? Nah.

    -Vikings aren't doing anything with that 31st ranked passing offense.

    -No Edelman. No Dion Lewis. No problem. Glad to see a QB who doesn't need excuses.

    -Peyton holding the Broncos back from being a contender. Sad day.

    Quotes of the Week
    -"You can't leave it up to the officials to get anything right. I caught it."-One hand phenom, Two hand clown.
  2. Peep Game

    Peep Game

    Jun 2, 2011
    - Let's win

    - miserable offense that came alive, then stalled at such critical times.
    - defense helped get the offense back in the game, but routinely got carved up all day :x

    The League
    - Winston got so lucky to get a do-ever :rofl:
    - Cowboys lol. I knew this game would be a struggle, but good lord.
    - smh Packers. Lions damn near gave that game away in Lions fashion. I dint know what's been up with Rodgers for the last 3 weeks. He had the excuse of playing two top defenses before. But what was the excuse for losing to the Lions at home???
    - Peyton looked so washed. Unlike Kobe, this is actually sad to watch. Wouldn't be surprised if he had a bounce back game though.
    - I'm very puzzled at how WSH was able to put up 47 points on any team at all. YOU LIKE THAT!?! :rofl: RG3 is done as a Skin.
    - Ravens :stoneface: :rofl: you had 1 job to do
    - Impressed at how the Steelers have been more than staying afloat
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  3. va757va


    May 8, 2005

    - dez had two opportunities in clutch time and didn't get it done..expect more from him, especially in those situations.

    - another week, another game winning drive gave up by the defense...which sucks because it was an overall impressive day..

    - in 7 games without tony romo, the Cowboys have thrown 6 tds to 7 ints.. 3 of those tds came in one game..


    - Big Ben to Antonio brown is as consistent and as impressive a tandem I've's crazy

    -dudes HAAAATEEE to see Cam do glad he's getting his...

    - a lot has been said about Andy daltons growth, but nobody is bringing up jay cutlers growth.. Cutty seems like he's finally getting it... Proving you can teach an old dog new tricks..funny what not forcing every throw can do for ya...

    - we all knew Rodgers was shook of big time defenses, and didn't try them for whatever reason...but I've never seen a three game stretch of him looking so....normal... Not overreacting, he's built up more than enough goodwill to do him...still, when the bar is that high, it's a noticeable difference Imo..

    -Peyton my N I hate it had to be him. Damn I really hate it had to be him.. Great career, no asterisks..

    -eagles gonna eagle. Lol.. Pitiful team.."genius"

    -good game skins..gotta hear about them all week now, smh

    -rob Ryan is a joke..he's was a joke everywhere he's been. How does he keep getting DC jobs?

    -Brady doing Brady won't a doubt in my mind he was winning that game once the Giants settled for 3... Tom and bellicheck gets much respect, kust keep doing them...machine like
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  4. extraordinary swag

    extraordinary swag

    Sep 18, 2008
    - this team finds a way to look mediocre every other week. O-Line plays great against Dallas, then gets beat down against Miami with 100 penalties and let Bradford die in the pocket
    - name another team who has a pair of wide receivers play 50+ plays and not record a single catch (Cooper and Austin)
    - Mark Sanchez is who he has always been. Makes game breaking turnovers at the worst time, we were in chip shot field goal range yet Mark wants to be a hero and throws a terrible ball into traffic (where Miles didn't even put a hand up BTW)
    - Sam Bradford looked frail from preseason game 2, knew his body could only old on for so long. No super massive shoulder pads can save you dude :x

    Everyone Else
    - another week we have no idea what a catch is. ODB has to keep control of that :smh:. Tom Coughlin throwing his headset or putting his hands on his hips never gets old :rofl:
    - Tom Brady is great but my goodness has he never had to worry about a kicker being their downfall at any point in his career. Injuries starting to pile up though :x
    - Jay Cutler balled yesterday, shocking
    - Kirk Cousins sure knows how to stuff a stat sheet against the bad teams, he can be really efficient when his receivers actually catch the ball. Is that twice he's finished a game with a perfect QB rating this season?
    - the Vikings are 7-2, who knew
    - Packers looking very medicore lately, especially Aaron Rodgers and the offense. They can't run the ball a lick and it's hard to watch. Lions did everything in their power to lose and it was hysterical :rofl:
    - Big Ben was a statue back there and they still lit it up, Antonio Brown really gets his no matter who they're playing
    - big time game from the Cardinals. Why does no one mention Carson Palmer as an MVP candidate?
    - gotta be just annoying to no end to be losing to a Qb who smiles and dances in your face while ripping your heart out like Cam Newton. Dab on them folk!
  5. S4L


    Jan 31, 2007
  6. tvobach


    Feb 12, 2014

    + I think this said more about Denver than it did Kansas City, but, hey, a W is a W. 4-5, one game back of a playoff spot. Would LOVE a WC game in Denver.

    + Charcandrick West has filled in very nicely.

    + Alex Smith...*Kaney shrug*

    + Marcus Peters is going to be really good.

    + At San Diego this week, another big game.


    + New England. That's why Tom Brady is the best in the business. NYG gotta feel salty after that one though.

    + What a weird game in Green Bay. Packers O just isn't right, their rhythm and timing is WAY off.

    + Jax/Baltimore [​IMG]  Reminded me of the Dwayne Rudd game.

    + Dallas [​IMG]

    + I thought Oakland was legit. Guess not. Minnesota is though.

    + New Orleans [​IMG]  Good grief. That coaching staff better fire up their resumes.

    + Someone go to Vegas for me and put down money on Pittsburgh winning the SB. Has to be the best value there is. That team is scary.

    + Cardinals best team in NFC? I think so.

    My Top 5

    1. New England

    2. Cincinnati

    3. Arizona

    4. Carolina

    5. Pittsburgh


    1. Brady

    (HUGE gap)

    2. Antonio Brown (probably in the minority here)

    3. Andy Dalton

    4. Cam Newton

    5. Carson Palmer

    Others worth noting - AP and Gronk
  7. Trey Bantz

    Trey Bantz formerly trey ohh five

    Sep 5, 2009
    I hear their HC is coming to Miami :nerd:
  8. CJ616


    Aug 4, 2010
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  9. maximus meridius

    maximus meridius

    Jan 3, 2010
    - Great game with the Patriots. I can't even get mad at the way we lost.

    - Sad watching Peyton like garbage.

    - Cowboys are done. Romo's gonna be rusty when he comes back so he's not saving the day.

    - I'm shocked to see Sam Bradford falling apart once again...

    - AP :pimp:

    - Packers :x
  10. sonoftony


    Apr 4, 2005

    - This L is totally on Coughlin. HOW DID YOU NOT MILK THAT CLOCK AND SETTLE FOR 3!??!?!
    - That was not a catch.
    - We coulda had the game and we **** the bed.
    - Until we address that secondary, we aint going nowhere
    - Cruz worried his kicks. **** yo kicks b!! :stoneface:
    - Cruz out for the season. Season ending calf surgery :stoneface:
    - On the positive note, glad to see JPP getting back to form. slowly but surely.


    - I gotta give it to Teflon Tom, that's why he's one of the greats
    - CAM :pimp: keep on with those ill dance moves :pimp:
    - AP byke!!!
    - Vikings are officially legit
    - I can't believe the broncos got they ***** handed to them like that
    - Big Ben somehow plays better when he's hurt :lol:
    - Even though Seattle lost, I still think they're still contenders. AZ is legit on the other hand
    - Shout to Miami and Tampa for beating Philly and Dallas
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  11. Chester McFloppy

    Chester McFloppy

    Nov 18, 2004
    -Rob Gronkowski now sits at 62 touchdowns. Tied with Shannon Sharpe. Only Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez have more. He's 26 years old. #GOAT

    -Wonder where John Harbaugh will be coaching next year.

    -Aaron Rodgers is afraid to take chances and make mistakes. He'd rather play it safe and lose than hurt his stats.

    -Big Ben. :pimp:

    -Cutty. :pimp:

    -Teddy channeling his inner Russ. Relying on that defense and running game.

    -Refs tried everything in their power to give Seattle that game. Palmer was slingin it all night long.

    -Alex Smith over Derek Carr any day.

    -We all knew how the Pats game was going to end as soon as they gave Tom the ball again.
  12. Lovetohate3000


    Jul 30, 2013
    cowboys - pathetic . we cant even beat the bucs. nobody steps up. wrs trash , mcfadden cant run for ish. cassell trash. we cant depend on one player for everything. think our season is done . going to need to start looking for our qb for the future. romo dont have many years left. 

    seahawks- window closed for the seahawks... system qb showing out this year , just after getting his new contract. hope yall like that seattle. cuz yall destined to be mediocre with his contract. 

    new england- i thought they were going to lose to the giants for sure. Tom winning the mvp this year again. 24 tds 3 ints for over 3000 yards. thats mvp type stats. 

    panthers- beating up on crappy teams still . theyve beaten one team with a winning record and cam aint no mvp candidate period with his pedestrian stats.... 15 tds and 9 ints for 2000 yards doesnt say mvp... still dont believe in the panthers but obviously well see how that goes.  ive seen this story to many times. 

    new orleans- everyone having career days against new orleans lately . that d is beyond trash. 

    peyton manning shouldve been retired. not surprised he finally got pulled. one of the things i hate in sports is athletes not knowing when to give it up.  its funny to me ... 

    philly is a joke , [​IMG]wheres stillin with his stupid avy of chip kelly. told everyone this offseasons eagles were going to be trash. sam bradford hurt and Sanchez doing what sanchez does. 

    jay cutler lighting up a solid rams d was unexpected . 

    arodgers the god qb looking average .  
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  13. Trey Bantz

    Trey Bantz formerly trey ohh five

    Sep 5, 2009
    Jay Cutler is quietly having a career season
  14. jthagreat


    Dec 29, 2004
    Rob Ryan fired.

    Cowboys should pack it in, but I cant lose hope :smh:

    God Brady damn near gave the game away.
  15. rolaholic


    Mar 17, 2010
    The G-men have to be the team that I respect the most in the league,these dudes are a more than worthy nemesis and they're probably one of the rare teams that isn't intimidated one bit by this squad.

    Eli gonna Eli [​IMG],thankfully Coughlin didn't play it safe at the end [​IMG]  

    Butler held his own against ODB after getting burned in the 1st quarter. He was targeted over 10 times after and only allowed3 catches for 17 yards.

    Gostkowski proving once again that he's the best in the biz

    Injury after Injury [​IMG]. Edelman's out with Dez's injury from earlier this season [​IMG]. Sucks he's out but I'm glad that he'll most likely be back. Also really missed the likes of Collins,Vollmer and other on the OLine.

    Even on a less than stellar day by the offense,TB still overcame those big mistakes only to come through when it mattered [​IMG]. That pick and near pick might've shattered a lesser QB,not the gawd [​IMG]

    On Gronk...

    On to Buffalo next Monday night...

    Around the league:

    -The Rams have to be the most inconsistent team in the league [​IMG]

    -That 'Aints D is incredibly awful [​IMG],how Rob Ryan still has the job beats me.

    -AP and the Vikes continue to get it done even with a less than impressive passing game. Next week against the Pack should be lit

    -Bronco's looking funny in the light...

    -Looks like Peyton the great is finally nearing the end [​IMG]

    -Love how mad everyone gets over Cam [​IMG][​IMG],like he said,if you don't want to see him celebrate,stop him...

    -Cards and Panthers look like they've separated themselves from the rest of the NFC pack,Palmer and Fitz are undergoing a renaissance [​IMG]

    -Big Ben with another gutsy performance,what else is new? [​IMG]. JFF looked pretty good too though,good enough to keep the starting job imo. 

    -Cowboys done...just hope to see some good games when Romo comes back. Think they still have to play the Giants again and Panthers which should be good ones.

    -Baltimore is so damn bunz[​IMG][​IMG]

    -The Fins somehow managed to overcome an awful start to get the comeback W on the road...not sure whether to be impressed or dissapointed in the Chips [​IMG]  
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  16. khalilmack52

    khalilmack52 Banned

    Oct 28, 2015
    -Raiders missed center Rodney Hudson baldy as Vikings brought the pressure
    -DJ Hayden is trash
    -Vikings Defense is really good
  17. Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios

    Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios formerly DONRE

    Jul 23, 2012
    So are the Vikings as good as there record #cliche #cliche. Serious question though. 

    Carson palmer looked amazing yesterday. Had that ball on a string it seemed. 
  18. sportsjunkie


    Sep 7, 2011
    Teddy Bridgewater don't turn the ball over and make plays when needed. Thats all that matters.

    The Raiders have a pretty good team. I think they need a RB. Derek Carr is legit.
  19. sportsjunkie


    Sep 7, 2011

    Vikings are pretty good. The defense is really good. AP running hard and Bridgewater is not turning the ball over is huge.also special teams is really good also.
  20. rolaholic


    Mar 17, 2010
    They have a solid D and good running game...those are a few keys to success so I'd say yes they're as good as their record. They almost beat Denver in Denver near the start of the season too and haven't looked bad since week 1.
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