NFL Week 3 In Review...

Discussion in 'Sports & Training' started by S4L, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. S4L


    Jan 31, 2007
    Post your observations from Week 3...

    -21 4th quarter comeback victories, *Carmine Lupertazzi* "but I didn't say nothing..."

    -Yeah Peyton with a damn good last drive but outside of that, he played below average.

    -Packers offense=Vastly Overrated. 162 yards passing and Eddie Lacys stats the past 3 games combined? 113 yards.

    -Derek Carr? Nah...

    -Bengals quietly the best team in the AFC

    -Andy Dalton is a better WR than anything the Raiders have to offer. Hell, Sanu might be a better QB than anything they have to offer

    -Teddy is in a fail position.

    -RG3 single game high passing yards? 329. Kirk Cousins yesterday? 427.

    -Robert Quinn 3 games against Tyron? 0 sacks.

    -Skins or Giants will be 1-3 on Thursday. Good times...

    -No running game for the 49ers=No W. Kap just doesn't have that in him...

    -NFC South is so up & down. Can't call it.

    Quotes of the Week
    -Houston has a huge chance at being 5-0-Texans kid who still hasn't learned
    -kap is going to respond in a big way this sunday! i feel it!-49ers fan
    -Rg3 may never stay healthy but when he plays I feel he's a top 10 qb.-Skins fan still holding on
    -1. Rodgers
    2. Manning
    3. Brees
    4. Rivers
    5. Brady (could be dropping rapidly soon)
    6. Newton
    7. Romo (could fall way down this list, his back may be doing him in)
    8. Ryan
    9. Griffin
    10. Wilson
    11. Roethlisberger
    12. Luck
    13. Stafford (could be making a move up)
    14. Cutler
    -Same Skins fan
  2. jjs07


    Jul 18, 2012
    GREAT game yesterday between the Skins/Eagles. Probably one of the best in the young season.


    -Liked what I saw from Kirk. He was spreading the ball around and getting it out quickly. Not a bad outing at all for someone in their 5th career start.
    -Losing D.Hall, potentially for the year, REALLY sucks. It's Breeland's time now. Gonna be thrown into the fire, but I have high expectations for him.
    -DJax :pimp:
    -Helu running through oatmeal :smh: He's a good backup, but we need a legit HR threat playing behind alf.
    -SPeaking of Alf, he's had some serious fumbilitis going back to the latter half of last season. Some skins fans may not want to admit or recognize it, but he's becoming a liability, IMO. Gotta get that corrected.


    -Nothing but respect for Nick Foles. Dude was flat out abused all game yesterday, but fought through obvious pain to get the win. Despite what Ballerific703 says, Foles is REALLY good.

    Around the league:

    -The Broncos playcalling early... :x Calling a draw to a TE on 3rd and 8? :lol: :wow: The hell was that?
    -Um, you can't really push your QB when you're the one who ****** up. Dude on the Rams was trippin'.
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  3. 100027


    Dec 1, 2012
    What would have been really tough would be losing Deangelo Hall IF Deangelo Hall wasn't bad at football and horribly overpaid.
  4. kingkoopa


    Aug 14, 2012
    First time since Carson, Chad, Chris Henry, TJ, and Rudi that ive been in on the Bengals.

    Panthers fans need to calm down, Saints still own that division.

    Rivers 1st quarter season MVP

    Bears win the north by default.

    Speaking of Chris Henry, didnt he die in a domestic dispute? Funny how that was no big deal.
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  5. dmxfury

    dmxfury Moderator

    Oct 14, 2000
    The fact Henry died kinda ended that talk about it. Was the league supposed to suspend him? If I remember he fell out of the back of a truck

    Quick hits
    If I'm going to criticize Tomlin for the lame duck performances I'll praise when they bounce back
    Team got back to 'Steeler' football. Run the ball effectively, let Ben pass after the run is established, and get pressure on the QB
    Great to see the knuckle head backfield running so well, it's been effective when the team sticks with it
    Not sure if I believe in this team yet but at least some hope, however injuries may kill that hope
    Sad news about Ike, Ryan and Jarvis

    Bengals are best not only in the AFC but probably the rogue right now
    They are doing this without spectacular QB play. Finally getting to a ground game and defensive mind set
    I like the way they play and are playing
    Final note, how does the Titans DB not light up Dalton on that pass??? Bad play by him to miss the ball and the shot :lol:
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  6. finnns2003


    Nov 21, 2003
    Some teams always start out 10-0, 12-1, etc., Bengals are that team this year

    Philbin and Tannehill will make sure our record is the complete opposite
  7. blackxme


    Jun 22, 2008
    - A reminder that Fitz is the QB :lol:
    - the Giants dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides yesterday ( which was a surprise). Credit to them
    - back on track for MM8 :pimp:

    - Denver's defense looked really good, they just were gassed at the end
    - Wilson literally scrambled his way down the field in OT.
    - Russell Wilson is now 7-0 in matchups against Brady, Manning, and Rodgers
    - Peyton on that last drive he had :pimp:
    - Cam was getting killed last night
    - Steelers looked dominate though
    - Nice comeback for the Cowboys
    - Jared Cook is a POS
    - That Cardinals defense is nasty despite some injuries
  8. eag em

    eag em

    Sep 19, 2014
    Feels good to be a part of a win :pimp:

    FolesGod :pimp:
  9. licensed to ball

    licensed to ball

    Dec 18, 2005
    San Diego went on the road and beat a physical Bills team. :smokin


    Should be 3-0 :rolleyes

    But still, nice start to the season.
    Losing Woodhead + Mathews hurts though... I'm not sure Donald Brown is about that 26 carry life...

    But we shall see.
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  10. 100027


    Dec 1, 2012
    He jumped into the back of a truck and got killed that way, during a fight.
  11. dacomeup


    Jan 21, 2006
    Defense, run game, ball control, no turnovers. The rest of that narrative means nothing. 
  12. creamofdacrops


    Sep 5, 2008
    Good game from the Skins, man, Cousins was a lot better than I thought.

    **** Chris Baker and DeSean.

    Jason Peters protecting his QB :pimp:

    Maclin having a better game than DeSean :pimp:

    Jordan Matthews stepping up :pimp:

    Nick Foles toughness :pimp:

    49ers offfense looks lost, but maaan that boy Carlos Hyde is a beast.

    Pat Pete is overrated. Sherman is overrated. No one is prime Revis.
  13. kingkoopa


    Aug 14, 2012
    You sure your not describing the Texans?

    As long as we dont wear team varsity jackets during a regular season game we should be good.
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  14. licensed to ball

    licensed to ball

    Dec 18, 2005
    CHARGERS schedule next 4 weeks:


    Yo... No homer but real talk, we can beat all 4 of them.

    Will we? Probably not... Because Chargers always find a way to lose a game they aren't supposed to once every few weeks. :smh:

    Hey, I'm honest :lol:

    But we SHOULD go at least 3-1 in the next 4 games...

    Having us at 5-2. :pimp:
  15. venom lyrix

    venom lyrix

    Sep 28, 2007
    Amazing how much better the Giants looked once the O-Line gave Eli some time and Rashad Jennings played like a monster.

    Victor Cruz, welcome to the 2014 NFL season

    JPP, Damontre Moore and Jonathan Hankins all had great great games on the line.

    Around the League

    - the 2 trick plays: 1 by the Bengals and 1 by Browns were freaking awesome. In a week where it was all about negativity, it was nice to see some trickeration and football played - at least for 1 play - like kids in the schoolyard.

    - Panthers are horrendous - bottom 3 team in the lg

    - Packers not being able to move the ball at will vs Lions is very odd - and Lacy's performance should begin to worry the Pack family

    - The Patriots have become one of the most boring teams to watch
  16. licensed to ball

    licensed to ball

    Dec 18, 2005
    But Playoff teams have to prepare for Dalton as a WR too this year, though
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  17. dmxfury

    dmxfury Moderator

    Oct 14, 2000
    If they are smart Dalton will only be throwing 16-20 times and the ball control offense will grind the victory out
  18. extraordinary swag

    extraordinary swag

    Sep 18, 2008
    - another wildly entertaining yet stressful game. I'd KILL to see a blowout man, I can't take much more of this
    - "gimmick" offense continues to win games, awful defense continues to keep opponents in them. But I will give credit when it is due, they make the game deciding plays in crunch time. Malcolm Jenkins was a great acquisition :smokin
    - we literally had an offensive line of Everest College graduates yesterday and Foles miraculously found a way to leave the game upright and with 3 TD's and no turnovers. He took a beating, pray to God Kelce is okay and Lane Johnson is ready after next week.
    - Skins did a great job stopping Shady and Sproles, secondary got picked apart by Maclin and Matthews
    - the hit on Foles wasn't dirty but if you've watched the league for the last 4 years you shouldn't be surprised at the flag. It was all for nothing anyway because it wasn't a pick

    Everyone Else
    - Desean deserved to have his moment with that TD, good for him. Long as it continues to come with an L. Cousins played well but made a few rushed throws that cost them mightily
    - the DB on the Titans who allowed Andy Dalton to Moss him should be cut, he should have laid Andy out at the VERY least but he whiffed and gave up a TD lol
    - really love what that guy on the Rams did to Jared Cook on the sideline, no place for that **** when you dropped a gimme TD
    - I agree with Shoes, Packers offense is incredibly overrated. Top 5 Jordy is hardly enough to compete. Lol at Tulloch blowing his knee out on a celebration
    - Browns really blew that game in typical Browns fashion
    - Panthers offense is brutal to watch, zero creativity, no healthy running backs EVER and a horrid O-Line. Kelvin is nice though
    - Super Bowl rematch was very entertaining, the ending was about as anticlimactic as it gets though smh
    - 49ers need a refund on that Kaep contract

    Cary Williams needs to shut his mouth complaining about practice when he's the one who skips voluntary workouts, misses practice during the week and STILL gets roasted on a weekly basis by every receiver he guards. Keep those thoughts to yourself and address Chip "like a man" instead of crying to reporters after a damn victory to excuse your awful play on the field
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  19. itsaboutthattime


    Mar 31, 2007
    jury is still out.. he has been really shaky for most of this young season.. but he was great yesterday, hell probably the 2nd best game of his career (kinda hard to top that raiders game).. hopefully that game settles him down and he plays better the remainder of the year (kinda has too, he can get a new deal in the offseason)

    gg though


    and cary Williams really just needs to go away.. far far away
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  20. keel252

    keel252 Banned

    Mar 23, 2007
    - damn we got our as kicked last night...haven't seen our d get ran over like that in about 4 years.
    - I aint tripping Pitt had a great plan and it worked to perfection.
    - Cam is still hurt, its clear hes not shifty and mobile as usual.
    - I think our line stinks, Bell killed the momentum of two good drives. bum.
    - we need to run the damn ball more, 20 times at least.
    - all that money spent in the backfield and everybody hurt.
    - need Jerrico back from injury.
    - needed more Olsen
    - Hardy is def missed.
    - on another note...KB is a monster, our number 1 for a lot of years to come.

    - peyton choked whats new
    - what the hell is up with the 9ers 2nd half, why are they refusing to run the ball. that's who they are.
    - good game between philly and DC...skins are falling like flies.
    - ready to see Bortles play, kid is gonna be good.
    - EJ is straight up cheeks.
    - Here comes the Saints :smh:
    - Cleveland Browns are coming for that north title, in a couple years they will be real.
    - this dude Smitty man. damn.
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