Nigel Bradham hits too hard....vol. and another one

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at the refs in that game.

CLEAN hit and they call dude for launching when he never even left his feet and on top of it eject him from the game.
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Rules committees (college and pro) are just at the point where they probably instruct their officials to flag a player when someone gets hit that hard, no matter what. I'm not going to blame them on the field for that decision, but the ejection was out of line.

Those are the best kinds of hits, though. Bradham didn't even hit him that hard; it was just perfectly timed and targeted. Physics always wins.

big j 33

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Awful call.. Perfect hit for Nigel

Best part was the fan cursing at the ref towards the end.
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Great hit...awful callOP, what's the worst cfb hit you've seen? FWIW, my top 2 are 1. Mike Barrow on Vanover and 2. Junior Rosegreen on Reggie Brown
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Good clean hit, bad call. I get why they threw flag just on how bad it looked, but horrible to toss the kid. Those refs sucked anyways, no clue what they were doing out there for either side.
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2nd hardest hit? You mean today right?

Hit wasnt bad let these dudes cook

Tired of nerds trying to change my football
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Originally Posted by cartune

2nd hardest hit? You mean today right?

Hit wasnt bad
let these dudes cook

Tired of nerds trying to change my football
I see the zima has arrived at the party

Hit was VICIOUS...
and notice how I said it was the "2nd hardest hit I've seen..." which means it's MY opinion.  And since you're ho-hum and said it was the 2nd hardest hit from yesterday, post up what you think was better. 

mr marcus

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hell of a hit....def one of the hardest legal hits i've seen.....when sean taylor laid that fsu player out in the rain > *
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Jacory made that type of throw into coverage several times during that game, so it's kinda surprising that only happened once
. Son tries his best to get his receivers lit up.
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