Nike Air Trainer 3 retro's over the years

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Still not a sniff of a UK release. Prolly just as well with 4s dropping next week...somewhat salty


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That leather on the toe cap looks nice and thick. Quality looks pretty good.
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The look pretty similar to '14s in all the pics I've seen. Good enough to grab if you don't already have a pair. Maybe not enough to warrant buying them if you already have '14s. That said, I won't pass up any priced under $100. But it's more b/c I have the old ones and there are other shoes I already have in mind before these.

If I had one change I wish they'd do, it's to add more perforations. Something about that would just make them more visually similar to OGs and make me happy.
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Odd seeing obscure websites show sold out of 95% of sizes. Yet eBay is showing a few bites at $200 shipped

Maybe more are buying at $130 to actually wear.

The color is way off too. Plus the shiny horizontally ridged tongue needs to be re-inserted.

This may have been from a 2000 vs 2009 comparison

Comparing my 14s to photos here, the leather is just as thick. I think many are imagining these as better because of the QS label. People are paying more now for essentially the same product IMHO. It is what it is.

Someone asked about og insoles. I believe they are just like this releases' sockliner. Just a soft fuzzy cotton like material. The air trainer 1s had it too.

I think trainer fans are so starved for releases, this is the end result. It's the third WRONG release yet we're kinda hyped for it.

I'll await for some insights when people start getting them in hand. It may slightly
Be the best retro of the three, yet. But likely not worth the extra cost. I guess it's easy for me to say when I have a few 14s ready to break out.

Then again. If you missed the 14s and somehow seeing yourself wanting these, I don't see them worth $200. $200 used to be top of the line holy Grail retro status. These are not that IMHO.

I wonder what's next. It's been 20 years since a proper infrared SC trainer III. A proper Chlorophyll is going on 20 too.

Odd though. People have been waiting five years and you essentially give each store 10 pairs. Are they testing the waters? SMH. Nike and their extremes. Either too many or Not enough.
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Hype is what propelled Nike lifestyle back to its leader position . Same thing going on with Nike SB line as well.
We used to wait for disco on these lines.
That’s over now unless biz model changes or demand drops off.
Hopefully disco comes back soon .
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Hey wallyhopp wallyhopp you think you're salty?...

Imagine if your grail was an Air Cross Trainer I (Low) :wow:

And again, these are the same price as the 2014 release...
apparently you got those on sale or late or something if they were less than $130
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Damn, is that plastic actually white or is that just lighting? The officials have them clearly bone color.
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Would have expected these to be more in demand in the European market than US market.
Shows how much hype speculation on flipping drove the US sales.
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Any word on other colorways in the future?

AT3s are one if my favorite silhouettes but Nike rarely does us right with decent retro+ colorways.
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