Nike Futbol ~ Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II

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LONDON, UK (February 24, 2010)
 – At a global media event featuring footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in London, NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) today unveiled the Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II, a lightweight boot featuring a new, unique adaptive traction system designed for explosive acceleration. The Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II features a reengineered upper for enhanced fit and ball control for fast feet. The vibrant ultra-violet color boosts visibility on the pitch.

“NIKE, Inc. is the world’s largest and most innovative football company,
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Wow these look nice!!! nephew must be upset he didnt get to go see Ronaldo...didn't know he was around. That medial gradient-i$h tattoo-finished design looks catchy. Nice offset to the simplictic lateral. Nice pair of kicks...
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WOW now ive been outta soccer for a little while but man are those juse NICE AS HELL!!!!



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These boots have tremendous activity. Never played football in my life, but ive always appreciated the design and technique of the boots Nike makes.
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Damn, I had no idea if this event was at NikeTown or not! Bummed if I missed it there!
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Originally Posted by I3

ive always appreciated the design and technique of the boots Nike makes.

I wanna wanna know how these feel while playing and if it really makes that much of a difference. Nike is putting out some innovative stuff on their soccer boots lately. These retractable studs or the pads or whatever under the 360 Maestri, and even the new T90 are full of tech that boggles the mind

Nike needs to release this colorway forreal

Carbon fiber
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the NIKE SENSE stud technology could be revolutionary - if it actually works as described. it's interesting how there are a lot of people in the game who are anti-bladed studs (including sir alex) because they're a lot tougher on your ankles, yet nike has gone blades-only for everything except the tiempos.

nike's brought a lot of legit breakthroughs to the table just in the past few months - using memory foam on the CTRs, and the TPU pods on the T90. my only complaint is the inconsistency in their positioning of laces. these and the tiempos are down the middle, the T90s are lateral, the CTRs and 5 line are medial. consensus please?
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Use these bad boys for football (kicker) and these newer models look even nicer. Good stuff on Nike's part.
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If anybody is thinking of getting these buy them from Eurosport ( If you have the goal club, and use promo code 1MARCH20, youll get an extra 20% off. Thats like $287 plus shipping. Regular goal club price is $360.
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^sick pics.... what do you think about the NIKESENSE studs? do they seem legit to you, or just a gimmick?
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Nice stuff Fred. We just got these over the weekend too. I like the material on the uppers... its like a fabric as opposed to the vinyl-like material they've used on the previous vapors.
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Originally Posted by riphamilton

^sick pics.... what do you think about the NIKESENSE studs? do they seem legit to you, or just a gimmick?
Won't know till I actually play in them this coming weekend.
P, I was handed the box and I thought it was empty. Materials are on point. Also, I have a slightly wide foot and was holding my breath when I first tried them on with a pair of fairly thick Jordan socks and to my surprise the width of the shoe was not an issue. My, how Nike has vastly improved their focus on soccer boots.
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